Understanding the Future of Credentials - Credential Chats

January 5, 2024
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In a landscape of evolving learning paradigms, AACRAO seeks to add clarification and understanding to the field of digital credentials and is excited to announce a new YouTube live conversation called Credential Chats, hosted by University of Colorado Micro-Credential Program Manager, Noah Geisel

Starting January 22, 2024, at 4 pm EST, this weekly program tackles the complexities of digital credentials and empowers viewers to ask questions as they navigate the future of academic credentials.

The new live conversation will feature short, casual conversations about digital credentials’ challenges and strengths. The goal is to create bite-sized learning opportunities each week to help break down information that for many can seem overwhelming.

What to Expect

Noah Geisel, an expert in micro-credentials, digital credentials, and personalized learning pathways, serves as your facilitator. Explore topics like:

  • Insights into digital credentials: Decipher the intricacies of these emerging record systems, understanding their potential to revolutionize educational assessment and credentialing.

  • The concept of micro-credentials and badges, discovering their role in upskilling, reskilling, and enhancing employability in the dynamic labor market.

  • Charting personalized learning pathways: Explore how micro-credentials and badges, coupled with traditional coursework and real-world experiences, can be orchestrated to craft individual learning journeys aligned with specific career aspirations.

  • Interactive Q&A sessions: Engage directly with Noah, seeking personalized guidance and resolving any lingering uncertainties about this evolving landscape.

  • Exclusive interviews with peers and thought leaders: Gain valuable insights from your peers in higher education, industry experts,  and educational innovators who are shaping the future of work and learning.

Become part of the dialogue, collaborate with your colleagues in the AACRAO Exchange, and be sure to join the Digital Credentials community to take part in these weekly Credential Chats.


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