The technification of the registrar's office

August 24, 2020
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The registrar's office sit at the nexus of technology, policy, and customer service, and staff are expected to be experts in all three. Staff must know how a multitude of different systems function on their own and overlap; how to find and disburse information quickly and efficiently; and how to serve students, work with faculty, and run events like graduation. With the dramatic technological revolution of the last few decades, most of the transactional work of the office has been automated.

Registrars now often spearhead major technology initiatives, serve as campus experts on student data security and analysis, and help the institution stay abreast of emerging trends and issues.

To support this change, staff need strong technological acumen, the ability to adapt to and lead change, advanced critical thinking/problem-solving skills, and the ability to communicate effectively regarding complex issues to a diverse campus population.

Some institutions are further along in supporting this shift than others. But all must address critical questions such as:

  • How do we structure our organizations and update our job descriptions to accurately reflect the current needs and attract the right candidates?
  • How do we convey our vision to HR professionals who may continue to harbor a more traditional view of registrar work, allowing us to get staff properly classified and compensated?
  • How do we successfully transition positions out of clerical unions as clerical work dries up?
  • How do we recruit employees with these broad skill sets, and train our current staff to be successful in this environment?
  • How do we enable staff to leverage technology effectively, such that it enhances the customer service experience?

Join the webinar on the "Technification of Registrar Staff," this Thursday, August 27. Leesa Beck from UC Santa Barbara and Mike Andersen from the Navy Postgraduate School as they discuss obstacles and solutions to the above questions, and invite you to share challenges and successes.  


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