Taking SEM Home

November 26, 2018
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hand use keys to unlock a glass door by Kimberly McNair, EdD, Director of College Access and Enrollment at Montgomery College in Maryland

Karen Miller, Provost and Executive Vice President of Access, Learning and Success at Cuyahoga Community College, and Brad Gage, Executive Vice President of Enrollment Management at The University of Iowa, led attendees in discussing how to take SEM home and make a difference - how to apply principles learned to make changes for our students, colleagues, and community.
Attendees first worked in groups at their tables, to begin unpacking all they learned over the past four days. Then, they began sharing their views and perspectives with the larger audience. Tina Faulkner from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities said framing the conference area around student success can help her make the connection with colleagues, and get everyone on board. Long time SEM attendee Susan Gottheil from University of Manitoba thought the conference reinforced the importance of culture, and helped demonstrate how we can work culture, work change, and embrace change. A first-time attendee group from Central New Mexico Community College said they were returning to campus with lots of “data questions” to ask their college community. Another new SEM attendee from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine said “I always thought it was just a plan, but now I see SEM is a process I can be involved in.”
Key thoughts or take aways attendees shared include:
  • Educate the person [about SEM] and they’ll find their way
  • SEM can be both top down and bottom up
  • Keep [SEM] in front of people and keep making the argument with data
  • [SEM] is not always a big plan, sometimes it’s about building and leveraging partnerships
  • Inventory and build relationships to help create a culture that supports [SEM]
  • Find a focus where you can make a difference
  • SEM works best if it permeates the campus culture
  • And of course, use AACRAO resources to help you and your institution on your SEM journey to student success and institutional health
Download the session handout here.