Revolutionizing Articulation for the New Age of Transfer

June 10, 2024
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The 2024 AACRAO Technology & Transfer Summit is quickly approaching, and we had the opportunity to connect with Edward Hicks and Angela Weatherford from Tarrant County College (TCC) about their upcoming session, "Smarticulation: How Smartsheets can revolutionize articulation for the new age of transfer."

Weatherford, who jumped headfirst into exploring Smartsheets at Hicks' recommendation, shared their motivation for presenting on this topic:

About a week into my tenure at TCC, Eddie asked me to learn everything I can about Smartsheets, because he felt like it could be a great tool for our department. I found a great resource to not only house our transfer documents but also present them in an easy and digestible way to our internal and external stakeholders. Presenting will allow us to share what we have discovered and hopefully provide solutions that can help other colleges and universities.

Hicks echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of embracing technology to streamline partnerships and meet the needs of modern students:

Postsecondary institutions must embrace opportunities to partner in order to remain relevant and meet the needs of the modern student and our ever-changing economy. At Tarrant County College, we're leveraging technology (Smartsheets) to streamline our partnership development, centralize and expand access to these partnerships, and increase awareness of all that we have to offer. Working 'smarter' has never been easier with Smartsheets.

Hicks and Weatherford will discuss how Tarrant County College's Transfer & Articulation Dashboard serves as a one-stop-shop for internal and external stakeholders regarding all things transfer. They will also showcase the dashboard, discuss how it streamlines the articulation process, demonstrate Smartsheet automation capabilities, and brainstorm ideas for future improvement.

Don't miss this informative session and a variety of other sessions at the 2024 AACRAO Technology & Transfer Summit, taking place July 9-11. Register now to secure your spot.


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