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December 23, 2022
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AACRAO is excited to deliver the first in-person International Institute since 2020, February 6-9, in Washington DC. The International Institute is a four-day, intensive training for individuals who work in international admissions and credential evaluation, led by AACRAO’s expert faculty.

This year we are excited to welcome Annetta Stroud, Robert Watkins, Staci Bernhard, and Aleks Morawski as the core training faculty, providing both institutional and organizational perspectives. Through dynamic and engaging presentations participants learn the fundamental methodology of international credential evaluation, including best practices in determining the authenticity of records, level of education, recognition/accreditation status of the issuing body, grade conversion, and overall comparability to U.S. education levels. To build skill sets and apply best practices, participants are tasked to evaluate authentic international records, with the guidance of the faculty, evaluating each record systematically and equitably, reinforcing the strategies learned. 

The International Institute is for anyone new to working with international students’ academic records, including study abroad and recruitment, as well as for those more seasoned professionals who want to refresh their knowledge base. 

Aleks Morawski, Director, Scholaro - 

AACRAO’s international resources alone are fantastic, but in-person training and building connections with an international educator network takes the work to the next level. International education is dynamic, and institutions must be proactive in addressing challenges in international credential evaluation.

...It is essential that staff is equipped with regular training opportunities as well as professional development to face these challenges as an international educator community. AACRAO’s international institutes accomplish these goals while affording new professionals essential foundations in the practice of evaluating foreign credentials as well as reinforcing existing knowledge and introducing new trends and best practices for seasoned experts in the field.

Interested in attending? Visit the International Institute page and register today.


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