Support students struggling with food and housing insecurities

November 4, 2019
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Prior to AACRAO's arrival for AACRAO SEM 2019, tornadoes and severe storms tore through the city of Dallas. To address one of the growing concerns on college campuses across the country as well as the devastation left behind in Dallas, AACRAO is partnering with El Centro College (part of the Dallas County Community College District [DCCCD]) to provide monetary donations to their El Centro Chaparral Food Pantry. We are accepting donations onsite, online, and by mail. DCCCD representatives Brendetta Norman and Robert Reyes visited the conference to thank AACRAO for the donation and spoke with AACRAO's Melissa Ficek (pictured).

AACRAO will match up to $5,000 in monetary donations through November 15.
At the release of this article, donations total over $500. 

Dr. Jose’ Adames, President of El Centro College, previously stated, “Today’s students face many challenges and barriers on their journey fulfill their educational dreams and a successful career. El Centro College is excited with this opportunity to work with community partners to address the barrier of student food insecurity”

To join the AACRAO Gives community, visit Thank you for helping to make the Thanksgiving holiday just a little bit better for our students in need.


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