New year’s resolutions for AACRAO: Advocacy, engagement, and leadership

January 11, 2021
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yellow desk with a mug of coffee, pencils, keyboard, and smartphone visible as well as an open planner with the word "2021, goal, plan, and action" written in it

From the international COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on institutions and the economy, to the social justice movements and an increasingly divided political landscape, 2020 brought a lot of challenges to the world and the higher education community. As AACRAO looks forward to new opportunities this new year, some members of the Board of Directors share their 2021 goals for the association. 

“One of my primary goals for AACRAO is to continue to provide a voice for our profession, our members, our institutions, and our students, with the federal government,” said Jack Miner, AACRAO President. “As we look to new leadership within the Department of Education, and within Congress, this is an opportunity to be a voice for students and for higher education. In many ways, the new relationships will be an opportunity to re-emphasize the value of education at all levels and the important role that higher education plays in U.S. economic development and in the American Dream.”

Jennifer Minke, Vice President for International Education, added: “2020 was certainly an interesting year, unlike any other in recent memory. As an outgoing board member, my hope for AACRAO in 2021 is that we see the successful hiring and transition of a new executive director; that we continue to improve our connection with and engagement of our members through the various virtual offerings that were created during the last nine months; and that we maintain our financial stability, allowing us to continue to support our richly diverse, globally interconnected community of higher education professionals.”

“My new year’s goals for AACRAO include hiring a new AACRAO executive director who will continue the pathway that Mike Reilly and his staff have developed as well as suggest and implement additional strategies for AACRAO’s ongoing success,” said Jerry Montag, Vice President for Leadership and Management Development. “Additionally, I look forward to seeing AACRAO continue being the guiding light for our members during this COVID-19 challenge, with updates from Washington and gathering successful strategies from our members that can be shared with others to help us and our institutions in continued student and academic success.” 

Kristi Wold-McCormick, Vice President for Records and Academic Services shared her outlook for 2021: “AACRAO’s future shines bright despite the challenges presented to the association, our membership, and the institutions we serve during the past year. Because we will continue in a largely virtual mode for working, teaching, and learning due to pandemic and/or reduced budgets, my goal for AACRAO in 2021 is to keep working with the staff and members on the innovation and creation of a full digital library of learning and professional development opportunities for our professions. In addition, I resolve to seek meaningful ways to prepare and support members in identifying the temporary and permanent changes in academic services, records practices and registrar responsibilities in a post-pandemic era.”

Rhonda Kitch, Vice President at Large, added: “My goals are to: celebrate Mike’s many accomplishments as our executive director; successfully hire and onboard an outstanding executive director candidate; and cultivate connections with AACRAO members while we continue to navigate our association’s work virtually.” 

AACRAO’s next leaders

New leaders joining the Board will help carry out these goals. The 2020-2021 AACRAO Election closes Jan. 18. The following positions are currently up for election:

  • President-Elect

  • Vice President for Leadership and Management Development

  • Vice President for International Education

  • Vice President at Large

  • Nominations and Elections Committee Members 

Learn more about candidates and cast your vote here.