New AACRAO Publication - Basic Guide to Financial Aid

March 21, 2022
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The "Basic Guide to Financial Aid," available soon at the AACRAO bookstore, is the product of countless hours of research and created with input from leading experts in financial aid, enrollment management, and admissions. Director of Strategic Enrollment at Salesforce, Dr. Tom Green, offers some insight on the intent of the "Basic Guide to Financial Aid" in his foreword:

This book, and the need to have a deeper understanding of what aid is and how it works, is not intended to usurp the expertise and authority of the financial aid director but to offer deeper knowledge and insights into how aid can be used to achieve the multiple, complex goals for overall enrollment (initial and continuing). It should be used as a means to foster a stronger relationship with the financial aid office as a critical partner in recruitment, persistence, and completion.

Justin Draeger, President and CEO of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, provides further commentary on the "Basic Guide to Financial Aid" regarding the content and use-cases:

This book builds a foundational understanding of the student financial aid programs and their requirements, delivery processes, and some of the inner workings of an institution’s financial aid office. This book highlights the vital importance of training, exploration, and how to constantly examine and test how to better help students. No college leader will find success without a solid understanding of student financial aid administration and its many nexuses. This book provides a solid first step.

Throughout the book, readers can find information and best practice guidance on a variety of topics, including:

  • Enrollment Management
  • Recruitment
  • PSLF
  • Ensuring Equity 
  • Compliance
  • and more

Higher ed professionals from every discipline can use the "Basic Guide to Financial Aid" to gain an understanding of the foundational concepts, approach, and work carried out in Financial Aid. Visit the AACRAO Bookstore soon to get your copy.


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