Mobilizing the Power of Peers

November 1, 2021
  • Professional Development and Contributions to the Field
  • SEM Conference
  • 2021 SEM Conference
female students smiling and gesturing with her hand while studying with other students

Join this SEM 2021 session to learn how Pacific University partnered with Mentor Collective to leverage large-scale peer mentorship to enhance the admitted student experience and gain insight into student voice trends to drive their enrollment strategy.

Led by Pacific University's Karen Dunston, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, this session details how their institution has fostered more than 2,000 mentorships in its peer mentorship program for admitted students since its launch in March 2021.

From session presenter Karen Dunston:

The mentorship program has been a welcome starting point for the incoming students. It not only helped them feel part of our community early, but it also allowed the current students to build new friendships and talk about Pacific and what it means to them, how they approach academics and how they have managed to get involved and enjoy it. I am confident that the mentorship program has helped many of the new students feel more at ease as they approach this next step in their education.   We are excited to continue and refine the matching of current students with admitted students as we begin to recruit for Fall 2022. 

By attending, you will learn how:

● Large-scale peer mentorship empowers admissions offices to mobilize their most effective resource for increasing yield—their students.

● Providing all admitted students—regardless of background—with a relevant, trained peer mentor from your institution helps close the equity gap within education.

● Student mentors benefit from the mentorship and increase their sense of belonging, school pride, leadership skills, and retention.

● Mentor Collective’s school-branded platform powers mentorship programs to run effectively at scale.

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