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Current Work Groups

  • Alternative Credentials Work Group

    The AACRAO alternative credentials work group is focused on providing campus guidelines and best practices for alternative credentials, primarily certificates and micro-credentials. These guidelines and best practices will be especially useful for institutions that are already offering or are considering offering certificates and micro-credentials.

  • Census Work Group

    A collaborative work group between AACRAO and the U.S. Census Bureau exploring issues impacting institutions and their group quarters enumeration processes.


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Latest Report

Mentoring Work Group Report - 2023
This report seeks to identify best practices and existing successful mentorship models in order to provide a foundation for the Association to make informed decisions for future mentoring opportunities for its members.

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Published Work Group Reports

  • Alternative Credentials: Considerations, Guidance, and Best Practices - 2022

    The AACRAO Alternative Credentials workgroup created this report to address the what, why, who, how, where, and when of Alternative Credential usage for higher education institutions.

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  • Closed Or Merged Institutions Report - 2020

    Building on the recommendations and guidance for IHE closings as published in the AACRAO publications Academic Record and Transcript Guide and Student Records Management: Retention, Disposal, and Archive of Student Records as well as in the newly revised CAS Standards for Registrar Services, the AACRAO Board of Directors charged the work group with the development of clear and comprehensive guidance and best practices for both the closing and receiving IHE or entity as they pertain to student records and student support.

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  • Criminal and Disciplinary History in College Admissions Report - 2019

    Established in 2018, the AACRAO Board of Directors established a work group charged with developing guidance and best practices concerning the use of student criminal history in the college admissions process. The work group reviewed the Transcript and Disciplinary Notations Guide to develop guidance and best practices related to the receipt of student transcripts with disciplinary notations or other notifications of disciplinary infractions at previous institutions.

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  • Disciplinary Notations Guide - 2017

    AACRAO established the Transcript Disciplinary Notations Work Group in April 2016 in response to growing interest from AACRAO members, new and proposed state legislation, and the increasing public accountability of colleges and universities. The Work Group, comprised of ten AACRAO members who represented diverse institutional types, positions, and geographic locations and chaired by Kristi Wold-McCormick, registrar of the University of Colorado Boulder, was charged with developing guidance regarding the use of disciplinary notations on transcripts.

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  • Guide to Best Practices: Articulation Agreements - 2016

    The guide provides a broad range of resources that may be used by academic, enrollment, admissions, transfer, and records personnel at both originating and destination institutions, including:

    • Define different types of agreements;
    • Provide instruction in how to develop agreements;
    • Present strategies for implementing agreements (including such aspects as marketing, and the use of technology in doing so)
    • Discuss processes for administering and providing oversight of agreements.

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  • Guide to Best Practices: Awarding Transfer and Prior Learning Credit - 2017

    This document describes expectations and best practices for post-secondary institutions’ work with transfer credits. These guidelines are intended to assist and advise--not prescribe-- member colleges and universities in this work

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  • Implementation of the IMS Global Comprehensive Learner Record Standard: A Practical Guide for Campus Personnel - 2021

    AACRAO Work Group on the implementation of the IMS Global CLR Standard.

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  • Mentoring Work Group - 2023

    Mentorship provides critical support that is vital to the growth and development of leaders in our field. AACRAO survey respondents show great commitment and enthusiasm for the field and for engaging in mentoring relationships as either a mentor or mentee. This report seeks to identify best practices and existing successful mentorship models in order to provide a foundation for the Association to make informed decisions for future mentoring opportunities for its members. Download the 2023 Mentorship Work Group Report to learn more.

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  • Student Identity - 2019

    Established in 2017, the AACRAO Board of Directors charged the Student Identity Work Group with developing guidance for AACRAO members and their institutions on serving transgender students and students who wish to update their gender marker, change their legal name, use a chosen name, or designate a pronoun. The Work Group was also charged with developing guidance on appropriate methods of collecting, recording, and reporting of name and gender identity in student record systems. The guidance should address practices in the student admissions process as well as those in student records and registration. In addition, the guidance will consider impacts for other campus offices including but not limited to student financial aid, identity management (CIO), student housing, and student life.

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  • Student Success - 2019

    The AACRAO Student Success Work Group will identify needs of membership in the areas of professional development, resources, and technology related to improving student success.
    AACRAO Board of Directors identified student success as foundational to its strategic plan. The Board developed a purpose statement and goals to guide efforts and programming in support of the membership. The purpose statement for student success is below.
    AACRAO will:

    • Empower members to participate fully in the definition of student success at the institutional, state and national level;
    • Enable the use of data and technology to reframe the conversation about student success, to demonstrate success, and as a catalyst for action;
    • Foster the application of strategic enrollment management principles centered on student success;
    • Cultivate a culture of curiosity to foster research into student success and to differentiate AACRAO in the arena of student success.
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  • Transfer Student Success Report - 2021

    To identify a list of transfer-related policies and practices that indicate an institution is effectively focused on transfer student success.

    This work group will develop a preliminary proposal on what policies and practices need to be in place to support an institution being designated as an institution with best practices for transfer student success.
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  • Veterans Reporting & Support Report - 2019

    The main recommendation of this work group report encourages the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to upgrade the VA-Once system and provide institutions the flexibility to complete student batch reporting to the VA, similar to Title IV reporting that institutions complete to the Department of Education. Complete the form to read the full report.

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