International Credential Evaluators – Where in the World Are They?

October 18, 2021
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Is credential evaluation a public function in Japan?  What are the major challenges of admitting foreign students in Iceland?  What is the official title of credential evaluators in Rwanda?  

International credential evaluation is integral to admission services’ and registrars’ ability to admit qualified international students to higher education institutions across borders. Unfortunately, very little information has been gathered or published outlining the practice of this profession globally.

The Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP) is the only global association dedicated solely to the profession of credential evaluation.  In addition to setting standards in a largely unregulated field, it is on a mission to gather data on the profession and share it with stakeholders.  With preliminary results available this year, the project Credential Evaluators Around the World: A Survey of the Profession  (CEATW), the data collected will be used as a resource, provide a connection with practitioners in other countries, and identify and elevate standards and best practices. In addition, TAICEP will share the CEATW information with higher education professionals to ensure the knowledge and expertise of the profession are leveraged in service of students educated around the world.  From Armenia to the United Kingdom, 31 countries have been covered, with another 20 in progress, and still more being planned.

With a history of cooperation and collaboration, AACRAO and TAICEP are pleased to announce that Annetta Stroud, Associate Director for Content and Curriculum of AACRAO, has been elected TAICEP as Committee Chair of Professional Development. She will be working closely with the Committee for Standards and Quality on research projects like CEATW.

Stroud says, “I am excited to work with other TAICEP leaders on the CEATW project to further explore the value and relevance of the profession of international credential evaluation to AACRAO member institutions.  As we welcome international students back to our campuses, the expertise of this profession will take on an increasingly important role.”

You can learn more about the CEATW project at the upcoming TAICEP Annual Conference, which takes place online with a convenient and flexible schedule from October 25 - November 19.

In addition to expert sessions on country systems, evaluation methodology, fraud detection, and digital transfer of international student data, the online format provides an easy way to connect with people from around the world.  Registration for the conference includes one year of membership to TAICEP, which is a vital and cost-effective portal to expertise and connections that will help international credential evaluators jump-start their work with international students.

Stroud adds, “I encourage our AACRAO colleagues at colleges and universities to support their international admissions staff attendance at what is shaping up to be an exciting and enriching conference.  I can hardly wait to share with you the results of the research on how this profession is practiced throughout the rest of the world.”

More information on the conference and registration may be found at 2021 TAICEP Virtual Conference.


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