For the Record: Looking back at the past week

January 11, 2021
  • for the record
The newest episode of For The Record takes a different approach, discarding the usual registrar-based content. Host Doug McKenna focuses on the topic that has been on everyone’s mind: last week’s coup attempt on Capitol Hill. 
Don’t feel like you have to pretend that you are okay.
Last Wednesday’s events were unprecedented, to say the least. Americans (and global citizens) watched in stunned horror as a mob of insurrectionists (including many white supremacists) infiltrated the hallowed halls of our Congress, killing five people in the process. The event was traumatizing. It’s okay to feel the full brunt of it, instead of going about business as usual. 
Our institutions all rely on the federal government. 
The higher education realm thrives on the stability of the federal government. This attack affects us deeper than one would think. However, many of our institutions were already feeling the effects of destabilizing policies that singled out international students, and other prejudicial tactics. If you feel the ramifications of this attack are another step in this spiral - you are correct. 
Take the time you need to process the events of last week, and to understand how they fit into the larger picture of the United States. The insurrectionist attack has been building for years. Evaluate the path so far that led to this event. 
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