Digital Receipt of Credential Evaluation Reports and International Transcripts

January 22, 2024
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Illustration of a digital survey.

The Working Group on Digital Delivery of Credential Evaluations (DDCE) is conducting a new survey to learn about secure ways of delivering and receiving credential evaluation reports. This survey seeks to learn about higher education institutions’ practices pertaining to data from international credential evaluation reports. 

Credential evaluation reports were traditionally printed and sent by post to receiving institutions. With the advancement of technology and the digitization of student data, official academic records are now often accepted digitally provided there are secure transfer mechanisms in place. The DDCE group advocates for credential evaluation reports, which inherently hold assessed and evaluated student data, to be considered similarly to official transcripts. 

How We'll Use the Data

Your responses to this survey will be used to further promote how institutions can streamline and secure their international enrollment process pertaining to the acceptance of data from external credential evaluation reports. 

International credential assessments and evaluations are reports that help higher education institutions understand the credentials of students from other countries for admissions purposes. Accepting credential evaluations digitally is the fastest, most secure, cost-effective, and reliable means available. Leaders from the international credential assessment community have formed the Working Group on Digital Delivery of Credential Evaluations.

The mission of the Working Group on Digital Delivery of Credential Evaluations (DDCE) is to positively influence developments related to the digital delivery of credential evaluations and to promote DDCE adoption to benefit stakeholders in the credential evaluation ecosystem.

The goal of this initiative is to provide recommendations to our stakeholders related to the most secure and effective delivery of credential assessments and evaluations possible. This is best achieved through the digital transfer of student data, including that which makes up assessments and evaluations.

If you have an interest in Digital Credentials, International Credit Evaluation, or International Transcripts we invite you to take part in this exciting opportunity to gather data.


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