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November 1, 2020
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Becoming a Fellow of the International Education Standards Council (IESC) is an effective way to deepen knowledge of comparative education and receive mentorship from established professionals. Fellowships with IESC helps improve professional research skills and illuminates the deliberative process of the Council. Learn more during our webinar on November 17 .

“Many veterans in the field of international education research were truly fortunate to have been enriched by the past Projects in International Education Research (PIER) process that sadly disappeared over time,” said Robert Watkins, Assistant Director of Admissions at The University of Texas at Austin. “The IESC Fellow concept is one way AACRAO can work to continue and expand on those past professional development opportunities.” 


Fellows work on an assigned research project and produce a white paper with experts in the field who have been involved in research and publications and who collaborate on placement recommendations and suggested grading scales within  AACRAO EDGE, the Electronic Database for Global Education.  Fellows will present information and conclusions developed from the research at the AACRAO Annual Meeting. 

Fellows serve as non-voting members and as participant-observers of the IESC.  They join the Council’s bi-weekly calls to listen to the deliberations on various topics surrounding international credentials take place.  Any placement recommendation put forth by the Council must be consensus-driven, and these calls are where the research findings of the Councilmembers are presented for the group. Following discussion and debate based on this research, comparability within the U.S. education system will be determined and published within AACRAO EDGE or in other formats, such as white papers. 

Fellows may also be placed on the International Publications Advisory Committee (IPAC), which participates in Annual Meeting session planning and providing support for other EDGE-related tasks. This represents an additional opportunity for publication and recognition in the field. 

Application process: 

Learning from experienced professionals, the IESC Fellowship represents one way to learn about best practices in the field, how to conduct primary research, and how to implement new processes and appropriate procedures back into other contexts. Learn about past and present Fellows’ experiences during our free webinar on Tuesday, November 17 at 2pm eastern. Additional learning opportunities with the IESC take place during monthly EDGE User Groups, open to all who wish to participate. 

Those wishing to be more involved in AACRAO Group II activities and international credential evaluation research are encouraged to submit an application, biography, and letter of interest explaining the motivations behind applying for the Fellowship. Submit your application here.

Qualified candidates should be in their first five years of international credential evaluation. Any questions about the IESC Fellowship can be directed to


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