Become an AACRAO Content Coordinator

March 4, 2019
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Honeycomb graphic with "AACRAO Groups" in the center and the various group names surrounding it

Looking for a volunteer opportunity that’s a little different? AACRAO seeks volunteers to fill leadership positions to support the AACRAO office to develop and deliver content in six programmatic areas:

  • Group 1: Admissions and Enrollment Management
  • Group 2: International Education Group
  • Group 3: Records and Academic Services
  • Group 4: Leadership and Management Development
  • Group 5: Access and Equity
  • Group 6: Information Technology

The new Content Coordinators will work with AACRAO staff liaisons to identify topics and presenters for webinars, online courses, white papers, and more. Content Coordinators will also have the opportunity to attend the AACRAO Leadership meeting in June. This group of leaders will have impact on how AACRAO delivers professional development moving forward.

For more information, watch the webinar presentation from January. (Note: you will have to install Adobe Connect to view the archive.) Already know you are interested? Apply today.