Current Committee Lists

Committee Descriptions

  • Nominations and Elections Committee

    Solicits calls for nominations for the Board of Directors and for the Nominations and Elections ballot from the AACRAO membership, presents a slate of officers to the membership for Board of Directors vacancies and conducts and election for the Nominations and Elections Committee.


  • Board of Directors

    Sets policy and guidelines for the association; includes Administrative, AACRAO Annual Meeting hotel and site selection, and all association Task Forces, Work Groups, and Committees.


  • Annual Meeting Evaluation Committee

    Develops instruments and procedures to evaluate all aspects of the Annual Meeting; summarizes and reports results to the new AACRAO president by June 30.

  • Annual Meeting Program Committee

    Develops AACRAO Annual Meeting program.

  • Annual Meeting Evaluation Volunteers

    Recruit and coordinate volunteers for the AACRAO Annual Meeting.

Past President

  • Awards Committee

    Recognizes the outstanding professional development activities of AACRAO members through the SunGard APEX Award, the Award for Excellence in International Education, the Distinguished Service Award, the Elbert W. Ockerman State and Regional Professional Activity Award, the Exemplary New Member Award, the Founders Award for Leadership, Honorary Membership and the Thomas A. Bilger Citation for Service.

Group 1: Admissions and Enrollment Management

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  • Admissions Policies and Practices Committee

    Makes AACRAO members cognizant of existing, developing, and in-place processing systems; provides services relating to new developments and techniques in hardware, software, and office practices which enhance admissions systems.

  • Enrollment Management and Retention Committee

    Promotes an understanding of the institutional enrollment management concept; develops and promotes effective techniques to predict outcomes and assess results.

  • Financial Aid and Enrollment Services Committee

    Promotes communication and awareness of issues which link financial aid to the recruitment, admissions, enrollment and retention activities in postsecondary education institutions.

  • Recruitment and Marketing Committee

    Promotes and increases the understanding of professionally acceptable methods of attracting and enrolling various constituent student groups; facilitates the exchange of methodologies and techniques used in recruitment and marketing.


  • Transfer and Articulation Committee

    Promotes communication and articulation between secondary and postsecondary educational institutions.

Group 2: International Education

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  • International Admissions Committee

    Sponsors workshops on international admissions; writes, edits, and maintains resource materials in the international admissions area; plans the international educators luncheon at the Annual Meeting.

  • International Publication Advisory Committee

    Composed of five members, IPAC is responsible for advising and determining publication and research needs in the international education field; recruiting and selecting authors and researchers; recommending options for publication-print or online.

  • International Recruitment and Marketing

    Addresses specific and emerging issues affecting international exchanges and international student services at U.S. colleges and universities. Examples of issues include, but are not limited to, recruitment, orientation, housing, and immigration tracking.

  • Study Abroad Committee

    Plans and presents programs dealing with study abroad by U.S. students that are timely and of interest to AACRAO members; encourages professional development by planning workshops and producing resource materials.

Group 3: Records and Academic Services

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  • Academic Progress Committee

    Provides programming and information regarding articulation agreements, transfer credit articulation, non-traditional credit evaluation,determination of academic standing, degree audits, catalogs, academic calendars, and final exam schedules

  • Graduation Committee

    Provides programming and information regarding commencement exercises, graduation event management, and diploma practices

  • Records and Services for Distinct Populations Committee

    Provides programming and promotes policies and best practices relating to services provided to students and faculty in non-traditional education programs and populations including but not limited to adult learners, the military and veterans (including certifications), students with disabilities, online and other distance education programs, certificate programs (both undergraduate and graduate), and learning communities.

  • Registration and Academic Support Committee

    Provides programming that promotes improvements in registration techniques, specifically in the areas of registration, orientation, academic advising support, facilities management, and course schedules.

  • Student Academic Records Committee

    Provides programming and information regarding grading systems, grade processing, records management and retention, credentials fraud, office and records security, transcript practices, enrollment certification, athletic eligibility, student directories, institutional reports.

  • Prior Learning Assessment and Alternative Credit and Credentials

    Provides programming to inform the membership on offering, evaluating and applying learning by non-traditional means. Topics may include, but are not limited to, prior learning assessments (PLAs), military credit, competency-based education (CBE), credit-by-examination, portfolio assessments, certificates, micro-credentials and badging. Join this committee

Group 4: Leadership and Management Development

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  • Federal Compliance Committee

    Assists members in understanding and complying with federal higher education laws and associated reporting requirements.

  • New Member Engagement Committee

    Mission/Charge: Coordinate activities and sessions that orient members of the association and attendees at the annual meeting. Promote mentoring among AACRAO members to support the success of individuals and to strengthen leadership succession in the organization. Provide mentoring resources, support to new members of the association and new members of the profession, and plan professional meeting sessions. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: § First-time Attendees o Coordinate Session o Arrange Mentors/Facilitators § Oversight of first-time attendees booth § Presenting Annual Meeting Sessions o How to get involved with AACRAO o Navigating the AACRAO website o AACRAOnyms o Professional Mentoring Opportunities

  • Professional and Staff Development Committee

    Promotes and monitors professional development opportunities by identifying, recommending, evaluating, and implementing activities as appropriate.

  • State and Regional Relations Committee

    Through its intermediary role in the exchange of materials, information, and resources including professional meeting sessions, promotes maximum professional enhancement for AACRAO members at the state and regional levels. Applicants to this committee should have prior experience in a state and/or regional association before applying.

Group 5: Access and Equity

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  • Asian and Pacific Islander Caucus
    AACRAO's Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus strives to provide a communal space for members who are ready to discuss issues, developments and initiatives for individuals of Asian and Pacific Islander descent in higher education.

    With goals to educate other members about the history, contributions and concerns of Asian American and Pacific Islanders, this caucus is open to all members.
  • Black Caucus
    With over eighty members, this is one of our largest caucuses. The Black Caucus supports professional development, networking, and the discussion of issues affecting black students and professionals throughout college and university communities. The Caucus engages in identifying solutions to issues surrounding access as well as examining ways to enhance and increase the representation of both black students and professionals within colleges and universities. 

    AACRAO's Black Caucus membership is open to all AACRAO members interested in advancing the black community by facilitating community building, the exchange of ideas and information addressing critical issues, promoting leadership development and scholarship opportunities. They convene at our Annual Meeting every year to discuss goals and visions that they have for their institutions, and to exchange ideas to build a better tomorrow.
  • Community College Issues Committee

    Addresses concerns that pertain specifically to two-year and community colleges and acts as a medium for relevant discourse and projects.

  • Graduate and Professional School Issues Committee

    Addresses concerns that pertain specifically to graduate and professional schools and acts as a medium for relevant discourse and projects.

  • Latino/Latina Caucus
    Community. Education. Support. Growth.

    The mission of the AACRAO Latinx Caucus is to promote the empowerment and awareness of Latinx identified members. Through developing and encouraging cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and celebration of the unique differences inherent in our community we can enrich our AACRAO experience and enhance our understanding of our students, leadership in academic and enrollment services as well as the global educational community. The Caucus strives for promoting dialogue that increases awareness about the challenges that their community faces, while fostering leadership, mutual understanding and a flourishing environment for both students and professionals alike. 

    AACRAO's Latinx Caucus is open to anyone with AACRAO membership devoted to their mission. They convene once a year in person at our Annual Meeting.
  • LGBTQIA Caucus
    AACRAO's LGBTQIA+ Caucus strives to work for LGBTQIA+ rights and educate other higher education professionals so they are able to serve their students with an understanding of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

    The Caucus welcomes any AACRAO member willing to advance LGBTQIA+ rights, regardless of sexual identity or orientation.

  • Native American Caucus
    AACRAO's Native American Caucus strives to provide a communal space for members who are ready to discuss issues, developments, and initiatives for individuals of indigenous descent in higher education.

    With goals to educate other members about the history, contributions, and concerns of tribal colleges and Native Americans, this caucus is open to all members.
  • Professional Access and Equity Committee

    Encourages entry into the profession, identifies opportunities, and promotes the involvement of underrepresented groups in the profession and in AACRAO activities; acts as a forum for concerns of the caucus groups; serves as a channel to the Board of Directors for such groups.

  • Small College Issues Committee

    Addresses concerns that pertain specifically to small colleges and acts as a medium for relevant discourse and projects.

  • Student Access and Equity Committee

    Responsible for all issues relating to minority students accessing postsecondary institutions, including graduate and professional schools.

  • Women's Caucus
    Founded in 2018, the Women’s Caucus supports professional development, networking, community building, and the discussion of issues specific to all women, including cisgender and transgender women, femmes, and nonbinary people throughout college and university communities.

    Women’s Caucus membership is open to AACRAO members interested in promoting scholarship, empowering, and developing all women and anyone who identifies outside of cisgender constructs in higher education. The Caucus encourages leadership development with the goal of continued contributions to AACRAO and throughout the field.

Group 6: Information Technology

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  • Information Systems and Technology Committee

    To identify, promote, review and inform the membership of current and emerging information systems technology developments, and related best practices in higher education.

  • Institutional Data Committee

    Promotes, identifies, reviews, and informs the membership of research developments dealing with the operations of higher education institutions' enrollment strategies and forecasting.

  • SPEEDE Committee

    The Standardization of Post-Secondary Education Electronic Data Exchange (SPEEDE) Committee exists to foster the adoption of electronic transcripts (and education records) exchange through education and outreach.

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