An alternative to college "choice" models

December 15, 2019
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College choice theory has been a necessary framework for understanding the life-altering decisions students make to go to college and where. In the latest C&U, Dr. Constance Iloh of the University of California-Irvine, calls on education researchers and leaders to consider an alternative to framing college-going around “choice.” Her article looks at the “bidirectional relationship among three dimensions (information, time, and opportunity).”
Iloh writes: “I argue that not only is a departure from college ‘choice’ needed, but a three-dimensional ecological model can help us better understand the complexities, realities, and inequities of the college-going decisions and trajectories of today’s students.”
The model, she writes, was “developed explicitly to explore the realities of prospective students from the mainstream to the margins. By positioning three tangible and codependent dimensions embedded in an ecological framework, it is possible to better understand the complexities and vast inequities in contemporary college going while also providing answers and solutions.”
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Servant Leadership, the College Bubble, and Saving Higher Education by James Wicks 
Enrollment through International Online Programs in which the Language of Instruction is Other than English by Nailya O. DeLellis and Anthony J. DeLellis
Book Reviews
What’s Next for Student Veterans? Moving from Transition to Academic Success reviewed by Tara Horner 
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