The Transformation of the Academic Record: Amplifying the CLR/LER

February 6, 2023
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AACRAO’s strategic initiative to advance the Comprehensive Learning Record and the Learning and Employment Record (CLR/LER) is gaining momentum, and this work will be showcased at the upcoming 108th Annual Meeting. AACRAO members, consultants, and staff will host several sessions, luncheons, and networking opportunities to connect with peers exploring and implementing these systems. As the drumbeat grows louder with external agencies advocating for the CLR/LER, the presence of this content on the annual meeting program demonstrates AACRAO’s leadership in the CLR/LER and highlights the organization’s continued efforts to position the college/university registrar as a key stakeholder.

Workshop and Conference Sessions focused on the CLR/LER and related alternative credentials, micro-credentials, etc include:


  • Developing and Implementing a Comprehensive Learner Record/Learner and Employment Record: What to Know and/or How to Get Started

    • This workshop has a discounted rate of $99 ($100 savings)


  • Featured General Session: Connecting Higher Education and the Workforce: The Important Opportunities for AACRAO members

  • Roundtable: Alternative Credentials

  • A Tale of Three Badges: Microcredentials for Student Employees

  • Practical Advice on How to Scale Your LER/CLR Program

  • Roundtable: “They did what?” - An interactive submersion in the challenges with emerging non-degree credentials

  • Alternative Digital Credentials Live!

  • To Lead or to Follow: Helping AACRAO Members Make Informed Decisions about Digital Credentials and Comprehensive Learner Record

  • Connection Points - UGA CAPA, Banner, Argos, Online Bulletin, and CLR

Additionally, AACRAO’s CLR/LER Community of Practice will be hosting luncheon sessions adding networking and additional learning opportunities to the CLR/LER activities at the Annual Meeting. These luncheons include: 

  • State-wide CLR/LER Implementations: Examples from AACRAO’s Strategic Initiative Efforts. 

    • Through funds provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, AACRAO has partnered with the states of Tennessee and Alabama to provide guidance and facilitate the design and implementation of state-wide CLR/LER systems. Join this luncheon session to network with CLR/LER Community of Practice peers and gain insights and lessons learned in implementing these systems at the state level.

  • Roundtable: Who Is at Your Digital Credentials Table: Inviting the Right Guests!

    • Institutional post-secondary stakeholders (practitioners) are those on campuses who have a place at the table for action and conversation relevant to digital credentials. These stakeholders are the ones that actually do the work of creating, implementing, and maintaining LER at institutions. Identifying, and including, these stakeholders is the key component to a successful digital credential project. Examples of these stakeholders include registrars, academic leadership, student affairs, information technology, and career center professionals among others. This session presents the perspective of some of these key stakeholders to share their unique perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of digital credentials.

CLR/LER Community of Practice members will receive direct invitations to these luncheons. If you would like to receive an invite, join the CLR/LER Community of Practice and get added to the list.


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