AACRAO Launches a Variety of New On-Demand Courses

May 17, 2021
  • FERPA Training & Review
  • Meetings, Workshops, and Trainings
  • Professional Development and Contributions to the Field

AACRAO's On-Demand learning center is launching a series of new courses and mini-courses aimed at helping our members build their competency, skills, and proficiencies. Each of these courses will provide a unique micro-credential and badge to signify successful completion of the course.

Registrar's Self-Assessment

This course provides registrars with a practical guide to surveying their office procedures, understand factors impacting compliance, and formulate action plans to improve procedures. The Registrar's Self-Assessment course supports the implementation of best practices found in the Office of the Registrar and is based on consensus from professionals working in the field.

The Registrar's Self-Assessment is formatted as a set of questions to encourage data collection and analysis. Course designers endeavored to create this course in such a way that it would mimic the approach a consultant would take if hired to evaluate the operations of a registrar’s office.

Unique to the on-demand version of the Registrar's Self-Assessment is the ability to see your results in real-time with rationale provided for incorrect answers. This, combined with the ability to retake the assessment over the course of the subscription, gives users the information they need to gauge progress and make adjustments where needed.


Always a popular subject, this course has been designed to provide learners with an in-depth understanding of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Divided into sections covering Definitions, Compliance, and Exceptions learners will become familiar with the proper regulatory terminology and compliant practices related to handling education records. Successful completion of this course will give learners the knowledge they need to properly address common FERPA issues.

Compliance Corner

This suite of “mini-courses” is centered on topics relating to government compliance in higher education administration. These mini-courses have an expected learner completion time of 15-30 minutes and include a “summary and review” quiz at the end. Learners are required to score at least 70% on the quiz to complete the course. Mini-courses included in this suite include:
  • FERPA Basics

    • In this course, learners will become familiar with the history of FERPA and how it affects students and institutions in their rights and records. Also covered are best practices in determining directory information, and disclosure and compliance policies.


    • In this course, learners will become familiar with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, how it applies to U.S. higher education institutions, and how it differs from FERPA.

  • Clery Act

    • The Clery Act Basics course covers the history of the Clery Act and its campus safety, compliance, and crime reporting requirements.

  • Solomon Amendment

    • This course familiarizes learners with the Solomon Amendment and its requirements to fulfill military recruitment requests for access to campus and access to lists containing student recruiting information. The course highlights the difference between student recruiting information, as defined by the Solomon Amendment, and directory information, as defined by FERPA, and provides best practices for working with military recruiters on their information requests.

  • Voter Registration

    • In the Voter Registration course, learners will become familiar with the Higher Education Act’s voter registration mandate for institutions of higher education and its compliance requirements. 

  • Decennial Census

    • In Decennial Census, learners will become familiar with institutions’ obligations to help ensure a complete and accurate census count. The course provides best practices for working Census Bureau representatives to assist in the collection and distribution of information related to students while also complying with FERPA.

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