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Join three friends talking about the intersection of DEI, higher education, and our own lives. You’ll hear us be vulnerable, make mistakes, and learn and grow with all of you.
Hosted by:
Tashana Curtis
Portia LaMarr
Ingrid Nuttall

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Current Season: Season 2 Releases Soon

S2E3 - Disrupt the Cycle: Disability Justice with Whitney West and Iman Riddick | 05/31/2023

In this episode the ladies dive into promoting equity and inclusion for people living with disabilities and chronic conditions.

S2E2 - AACRAO Podcasts Cross-Episode Release: Annual Meeting Edition | 05/17/2023

Portia LaMarr (HEARD co-host), Loida Utley (Transfer Tea), and Sarah Reed (For the Record co-host) took a moment at the AACRAO Annual Meeting to record this cross-podcast conversation.

S2E1 - What’s happening out there? | 05/12/2023

Recorded at the 2023 AACRAO Annual Meeting, Portia, Tashana, and Ingrid asked AACRAO members to take the mic and share what work is being done at their institutions and offices to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.