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Join three friends talking about the intersection of DEI, higher education, and our own lives. You’ll hear us be vulnerable, make mistakes, and learn and grow with all of you.
Hosted by:
Tashana Curtis
Portia LaMarr
Ingrid Nuttall

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Current Season: Season 2 Releases Soon

S2E8 - Let Your Students Lead: Technology and DEI | 10/15/2023

Portia kicks off this episode’s conversation with Joel Nelson, Program Manager for Learner Success and Innovation in the Office of Digital Learning at The Ohio State University for a discussion on accessibility, AI, data and DEI, and the pros and cons of efficiency.

S2E7 - Right Within (Summer Book Club) | 09/26/2023

The ladies wrap up the summer book club series in the nick of time with Minda Harts book, Right Within: How to Heal from Racial Trauma in the Workplace.

S2E6 - I Am Not Yelling (Summer Book Club) | 08/16/2023

In this book, Leiba weaves her biography with other lived experiences to share how black women can find empowerment by embracing their truth and being their authentic selves. Tashana walks Portia and Ingrid through the book and draws off their personal experiences in academic and professional settings to explore the books’ topics, including microaggressions, imposter syndrome vs. imposter treatment, and code-switching.

S2E5 - The Supreme Court and What’s Next w. AACRAO Executive Director Melanie Gottlieb | 07/26/2023

Tashana, Portia, and Ingrid sit down with AACRAO Executive Director Melanie Gottlieb to walk through the recent Supreme Court ruling in Students for Fair Admissions Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College and its impact on race-conscious admissions.

S2E4 - The Complexities of Race - Summer Book Club | 06/19/2023

Tashana, Portia, and Ingrid kick-off their Summer Book Club with The Complexities of Race: Identity, Justice and Power in an Evolving America (ed. Charmaine Wijeyesinghe).