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For more than 19 years, I have been elbows deep in Higher Education research. It's a sweet spot for me. Join me once a month as I provide commentary, updates on AACRAO Research, and relevant topics in Higher Education research. Want to receive updates on the blog directly? Join the email list below.

-Dr. Wendy Kilgore

January - COVID-19 vaccination plans, digital credentials, and beyond the baccalaureate | 01/29/2021

It seems the immediate concern on campus is spring and fall course delivery, with little thought of COVID-19 vaccination policies.

  • Dr. Wendy Kilgore
  • November - A peek behind transfer credit evaluation, psychological intervention in STEM, and international student enrollment | 11/24/2020

    One last bit of research before the holidays begin.

  • Dr. Wendy Kilgore
  • October - Transfer credit loss, blockchain, and prospective student communication | 10/30/2020

    How are you changing the way you communicate with prospective students?

  • Dr. Wendy Kilgore
  • September - New Research Advisory Board members, burnout, and impact of 2020 disruptions | 09/25/2020

    "One thing that is clear from the initial review is that our members are experiencing elevated levels of stress professionally and are both feeling burnout and observing burnout in their co-workers."

  • Dr. Wendy Kilgore
  • August - Stranded credits, digital learning, and assessment changes due to COVID-19 | 08/27/2020

    Pivot is the name of the game right now, even in how assessments are carried out.

  • Dr. Wendy Kilgore
  • July 2020 - Prior learning assessment, student perception of transferring earned credit, and segregation in higher ed | 07/30/2020

    Students are perhaps more perceptive and realistic when it comes to transferred credits than one would expect.

  • Dr. Wendy Kilgore
  • June 2020 - Gender disparity in PECs, stranded credits, and resetting tuition | 06/26/2020

    Upcoming transfer credit research, accessibility for students with disabilities, and more.

  • Dr. Wendy Kilgore
  • May 2020 - A COVID-19 recap, change management in higher education, and coming webinars | 05/29/2020

    A recap of AACRAO's COVID-19 surveys, and what's to come.

  • Dr. Wendy Kilgore
  • March 2020 - Student basic needs, online learning, and the education technology landscape | 03/26/2020

    Current times means both learning and research are being adapted for online purposes.

    February 2020 - Organizational change management, gender and grades, and basic needs security | 02/28/2020

    Needs insecurity is particularly prevalent among students from marginalized groups.

    January 2020 - Enrollment management interest, adult student decline, and returning to college | 01/31/2020

    Talk up your research, and don't feel ashamed about it.

    December 2019 - Returns on investment, admissions, and college advising | 12/20/2019

    In a changing job landscape, many young adults and teens are choosing between careers and college.

    November 2019 - ARTG Report, International Student Enrollment, and Felony Conviction Effects on Admissions | 11/26/2019

    No matter how much social media the new generation uses, they still rely on computers and emails for educational matters.

    October 2019 - ARTG report, Prior learning assessment practices, and veteran statistics | 10/25/2019

    College friendships--sometimes they can be responsible for changing your worldview.

    September 2019 - Transcripts, Student Success, and Tribal Colleges | 09/25/2019

    Text message-based behavioral nudging is shown to have positive effects on student persistence.

    August 2019 - Admissions Career Profile, College Presidents' Approach to Student Mental Health Crisis, and more... | 08/29/2019

    It has been a busy summer for me collecting data on the career profiles of chief admission officers, freshman admission processes, transcript practices and prior learning assessment policy and practice.

    July 2019 - Chief Admissions Officers, College Regrets and Classroom Workings | 07/26/2019

    Graduates list their biggest regrets, surveying off-task technology usage in the classroom and more.

    June 2019 - Politics, Perceptions, and Preferences in Higher Education | 06/28/2019

    Regardless of political affiliation, most Americans recognize that higher education is valuable.

    May 2019 - Shifting financial aid, the future of college graduates and more | 05/28/2019

    Enrollment rates in post-secondary education is growing among certain groups.

    April 2019 - Student success, online learning and pathways to work | 04/25/2019

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    • Dr. Wendy Kilgore

      Wendy Kilgore serves as the director of research and senior consultant for AACRAO with more than 19  years of experience as a higher education administrator, researcher and consultant in the US and Canada. She brings expertise in recruitment, admissions, financial aid, academic advisement, curriculum support, registration, records management, veterans’ education services, technology, organizational restructuring, student-centric business practice development, policy development and managing comprehensive collaboration to support enrolment efforts.

      Prior to her full-time work with AACRAO, Dr. Kilgore served as state dean of enrollment services for the Colorado Community College system, and the director of admissions and registrar for the Pima County Community College district. Her professional and consulting experience spans a wide array of institutions, including large public universities, small private colleges, small private faith based colleges, private for-profit institutions, technical colleges, a large two-year multi-campus community college district, and a state community college system consisting of 13 colleges. 

      Dr. Kilgore’s strategic consulting experience has included: records retention and disposition reviews, comprehensive student service evaluations; registrar and admission office reviews; business process analysis, mapping and re-engineering; policy reviews; student service division mission; values and goals development; recommendations for organizational restructuring; technology requirements assessment and documentation, project charter and project plan development and SEM plan development.