AACRAO Community


AACRAO members receive exclusive member benefits accessible only by login. Logging into the AACRAO Community allows you to:

  • edit your profile,
  • access the Member Directory, AACRAO Transcript, and SEMQ
  • vote for AACRAO Leadership,
  • register for AACRAO meetings, trainings, webinars, and workshops,
  • and so much more...

Your username is your membership email address. If you need to reset your password, email AACRAO Membership or call (202) 355-1042.

AACRAO Community Login FAQs

  • Q. How do I login?


    AACRAOCommunityLoginPortalUsing the ACCESS button above or going to community.aacrao.org, will bring you to the portal featured to the left. Your username is your membership email address. If you need to reset your password, email AACRAO Membership.






  • Q. Should I be receiving AACRAO emails from Salesforce?


    Yes, our new membership system is based in Salesforce. Consequently, you may see the name in our links and/or emails.


  • Q. I logged in. Now, a Third-Party is asking to access my information. Is this legitimate?


    ThirdPartyAccessDo not be alarmed, if you received the message featured to the left. Yes, it is legitimate. It is also a one time ask. The message is simply asking to connect your member account to your website login or meeting registration thus syncing your credentials from the new membership system.





  • Q. How do I make changes to my membership?


    Updates to your member roster can be made by filling out a Data Correction Form and emailing it to AACRAO Membership or faxing it to (202) 872-8857.


  • Q. Why is login required to access AACRAO Transcript?


    Like SEMQ, AACRAO Transcript is a member benefit. The AACRAO Transcript email is sent to you every Thursday because you are a member. These emails, however, are often forwarded to non-members. Furthermore, the articles live on the AACRAO website not in the email. Without member login, they are available to anyone who comes to the site. These activities diminish the value of your membership. Keeping our member benefits accessible by members-only allows us to better serve you.