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left quoteWe worked with AACRAO to develop a customized credential training for our international graduate admissions and graduate student advising staff at The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science. Our trainer quickly grasped the various unique circumstances and challenges we had and tailored our training accordingly.

Beyond the standard international credential content, she really challenged us to think through our internal and external policies to ensure they are logical, consistent, and following standard best practices. We are very pleased with the value we got from this training!

GW Testimonial

right quoteErin Vogt
Associate Director, Graduate Recruitment & Admissions
School of Engineering and Applied Science
George Washington University

left quoteBringing AACRAO credential training to campus was incredibly impactful and effective – from a cost efficiency standpoint, for having a concise and cohesive block of time various departments and academic units could allocate for training, and for the assurance everyone around the table walked away with a consistent and purposeful understanding of foreign credential review for our campus community.

We value AACRAO’s role in the field of International Education, and were thrilled to share that experience and authority with a wide range of campus constituents. Planning was exceptionally well executed, expectations were clear, and the outcome was a positive experience of enhanced knowledge and elevated confidence for everyone in attendance.

right quoteCarrie Lewis
Associate Director of International Admission
Office of Admission
Drake University

left quoteWe had members of Chapman University from all across campus that participated in this training, with a wide range of experience and exposure to credential evaluations. This training spoke to all of our needs and laid a foundation so we have consistency on our campus. We appreciated how the training gave us best practices in the field, and common approaches, but allowed us to discuss nuances that we will need to adapt for our campus. The information was clear, concise, and hands on.

We really appreciated the personalization of the training to our needs. Setting up this training was easy and the AACRAO team was sure to tailor the presentation to our focuses. The training exceeded our expectations and was an excellent option to allow many people to participate within our budget.

Thank you AACRAO!

right quoteMrs. Monica Chen, MA
Assistant Director and International Officer
Office of Graduate Admission
Chapman University

Chapman University Training Testimonial

left quoteThe training workshop is very well organized, detail oriented, with great information. The step by step evaluation process and the case studies (activities) are extremely helpful. To the beginners, this is a very good way to start. The workshop showed various types of resources that we can use, the different education systems in each country, what documentations to look for, etc. I hope that we can have these types of trainings (whether as a refresher or for new evaluators) each year to help the evaluators to grow and enhance the knowledge.

We appreciate the training very much, everyone said it was a great training, very informative. It was very nice to have the materials in the flash drive.

Thank you and hope to see you again!

right quoteConnie H. Kuang
University Registrar
Office of the Registrar

CSPP Training September 2019

left quoteThe UCSB team found the training extremely valuable. The trainers break down the background of the education systems, the systems itself, and any changes that have been made or are upcoming. They also do a great job in showing examples of documents. They cover what current international documents should look like and how to verify their authenticity.

Additionally, they do a great job of explaining, and showing how to convert international college credit systems to the US system. Having this training should save us lots of research time in the future! Setting up the training was a breeze and bringing the trainers to us allowed many more people to participate on our limited training budget.

Many thanks to the AACRAO team.

right quoteDonna Coyne, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Admissions Office

left quoteDear Julia,

A million thanks for your participation in the international transcript evaluation discussion during last week's Annual Meeting in Boston. You were smart, helpful, and approachable -- and throughout the rest of the weekend I heard from my LLM peers that they appreciated your input tremendously. I heard so many times throughout the week how much our colleagues were enjoying the LLM programming and networking, and you were a big part of that. So from not only me but also all of us on the LSAC Planning Work Group, thank you again. It takes a village, and we did it!
On a personal note, I so enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you during this process. I hope our paths cross again in the future, and please do keep in touch. It's wonderful to work with individuals like you!
Best wishes and have a wonderful summer,
right quote

Jill M. Casal
Director, Graduate Legal Studies
Columbia Law School

left quoteI was very pleased with the AACRAO training. AACRAO made sure to understand what our institutional needs and expectations were prior to the training. The trainer came well prepared and was able to answer all questions. The two day training was definitely worth the time and investment. We are excited to take what we learned and apply the processes on our campus.

I thought the training was right on point and worth every penny spent. The trainer was very good in explaining in detail differing educational systems which was very helpful and the onsite practice test really made the material more understandable.
right quote

Christina Fargo
Senior Assistant Registrar
University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota Training Testimonial

left quoteSetting up the training was easy. Even though we had quite a short lead time from when we inquired about training to when the training took place, AACRAO was able to accommodate the needs, timeline and goals we had set out. In fact, we first inquired about a one day workshop which we expanded to a 2 day, multi-audience event. Annetta Stroud is an experienced and highly knowledgeable trainer.

Our trainees came from a wide range of experience and she was able to adapt and present a training that covered everyone’s needs. The content was excellent and the hands on cases studies very helpful in the learning process. We were able to include multiple areas at the university in the training and I believe each was able to receive the training needed. The goal of the training was met.
right quote

Suzanne McGinnis
Assistant Director of Admissions & Recruitment
Office of Graduate Admissions & Recruitment

University of Kentucky

Training Testimonial University of Kentucky

left quoteWe just completed our first AACRAO International training at Southern Utah University and it was awesome! Several attended from our institution, with others coming from other universities in the state. Our trainer was very knowledgeable and prepared. From the first day when planning began with Tiffany, to the actual conference with Julia, everything went very smoothly. It was so great to be able to save 10 people from having to travel back east, by bringing 1 trainer to us! We especially like how the Agenda was tailored to our needs, and adjustments were made until we covered all our areas of interest. Julia was also adept at covering additional topics that came up during her presentation.

Finally, a valuable tool was provided to each participant in the form of a flash drive with all the presentation information that was covered and sample documents. It was great to learn about so many valuable resources that will make our jobs easier, and to have them saved on a flash drive so each school will benefit for years to come. I would highly recommend this economical approach to AACRAO training for schools in the Midwest and West Coast. It was very professional and well done.
right quote

Laura McAneney
International Admissions Coordinator, International Student and Scholar Services
Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University Testimonial

left quoteWe had a wonderful time at the training and the verbal feedback I have received has all been great! We sent out a survey today and we will send you all of that feedback once we receive it. Attached are some photos that were taken during the training.
The general consensus of the participants was that it was a wonderful opportunity for all departments at Northwood to get together and learn about the international process. We had representatives from UG admissions, Graduate admissions, registrars, advising, student life, etc so it was a great opportunity for us all to get together and learn about international transcripts. One of the most helpful aspects of the training was the FREE resources that Julia showed us! 

It was wonderful working with you, Julia, and Annetta to plan this training session! You are all so accommodating and helpful. We are looking forward to another training session in the near future!right quote
Thank you!

Anastasia C. Hill
Associate Registrar of International Programs, Northwood University
left quoteThe AACRAO training we experienced last week was invaluable! Tiffany and Annetta were responsive and accommodating to all our requests, even when we asked to change the content at the last minute.

As an admissions administrator, we try to communicate effectively with applicants and make the application process easy for them. When working with international requirements, it is important to understand the country’s grading systems and the credentials issued. AACRAO made that possible. Our trainer, Annetta, had clear, understandable examples and practice documents for us to ensure we had a sufficient grasp of the material. With the information we have gained from this training, we are now able to refine our right quoteprocesses and create a more accurate, streamlined set of requirements for international applicants. I was actually disappointed when it was over!

Leila Shaik
Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruiting
Louisiana State University
left quoteDuring the research and planning stages of the transcript training, I found the staff at AACRAO to be extremely helpful and responsive to our needs. While some of our participants had extensive experience, others had very limited experience, so kudos to AACRAO for developing a training that was relevant for us all.

Our facilitator, Julia Funaki, did a wonderful job! Her extensive knowledge, experience and anecdotes made the training not only informative, but entertaining as well. Having actual activities to work on after each module was also quite helpful. Learning how to decipher the basics of Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic script were definite highlights for me! I still have a lot to learn but thank you, right quoteAACRAO, for starting me on this journey.

Allison Schultz
Assistant Director of ELI Admissions
Mercer University
left quoteTo have this one on one time with a consultant from AACRAO was invaluable. They were so conscientious of our needs and did not push their own agenda. To say that our desired outcome was met would be an understatement. Our expectations were exceeded! Julia is extremely professional and pleasant. She came completely prepared with a presentation and resources that she left with us. The content was spot on to meet our needs but it also pushed me to ask questions which became an incredible learning opportunity.right quote

Jenene R. Belcher
Office of the University Registrar
Virginia Tech