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Joint AACRAO-AICE Institute and Symposium on Professional Programs and Degrees


Join AACRAO and AICE for a special event July 20-22, in Kansas City, focusing on international professional programs and degrees.

On July 20-21, AACRAO will provide an in-depth training on the evaluation of international professional programs such as Law and Medicine, and how they differ from academic degrees. This training utilizes primary research, authentic international credentials, and best industry practices in evaluating these programs for recognition, undergraduate, transfer and graduate admissions. 

On July 22, AICE will host the Symposium, focusing on the differences of professional programs and degree types in the fields of law and medicine with the goal of establishing evaluation standards. Panelists and attendees will discuss best practices and challenges in evaluation and how institutions in North America handle these programs. For more detailed information on speakers and schedules, please click here.

This unique, joint event combines training in evaluating professional programs from around the world with a larger conversation among industry experts and an opportunity to create consistent methodologies and update AICE Standards.

You can register for either the AACRAO Institute or the AICE Symposium, or you may register for both.

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Kansas City Marriot Downtown

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