The Cuba Project

Through a collaboration with graduate researchers from the University of Maryland and George Washington University, AACRAO participated in the Academic Explorations Program to research Cuban educational practices. Hundreds of U.S. and international professionals and students have participated in the program since the founding of the exchange in 1994. For AACRAO, this was a unique opportunity to collaborate with Cuban educators to learn about Cuban educational practices and the complex, global issues of contemporary education. Using a shared funding model and a competitive application process, AACRAO selected a research team to travel to Cuba for an intensive week of research.

Trip participants were also part of a year-long comparative international education project culminating in the production of a publication on the Cuban education system, an update of the AACRAO EDGE profile, and the creation of presentations on various aspects of the Cuban education system for delivery at conferences and via webinars.

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Sponsor of The Cuba Project

Research Team

Christopher Adams

Indiana University

Christie Culp

Loyola Marymount University

Tanya Delgado

University of South Florida

Melanie Gottlieb


Patrick Leahy

Michigan State University

Aleks Morawski

AICE - Association of International Credential Evaluators Inc.

Janine Pacheco

The University of New Mexico

Mark Reid

University of Miami

Akniet Rysbek kyzy

Stanford University

Garrett Seelinger


Martha Vandevender

Educational Credential Evaluators, TAICEP representative 

Robert Watkins

UT - Austin


September 2018

Research team member, Martha Vandevender, offers professional development article, My International Adventure, or How I Learned to Be Persistent, in the Arizona International Educators newsletter.

Members of the research team to present at AACRAO's Fall Symposium on September 27, 2018 in Washington, D.C.
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Research team presents an update at the 2018 AACRAO Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.
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