Featured Speakers & Sessions

Tuesday Opening Plenary Panel

Diverse Perspectives on Fostering Learning Mobility Receptive Cultures
Solving the issues and concerns of around 40+ million learners with some college credit but no credentials will take a multi-faceted effort between stakeholders within institutions that go beyond just technology or transfer solutions alone.  To help reverse this trend, institutions and adjacent higher education entities must come together to establish learning mobility-receptive cultures that weave the importance of recognizing learning in all forms into the end-to-end student journey. An expert panel from transfer practitioners, administrators, technology, and research perspectives will share their thoughts on what is needed to establish these types of cultures on campus and expand ways we can think about solutions to solve the credential gap problem.

Tuesday Plenary Panel

A Product Conversation on Learning Mobility with Student Information System Partners
A critical component to improve learning mobility and help solve for the credential attainment gap is working with our technology partners that provide solutions to support the learner journey.  In this panel conversation, we will bring together product leaders from some of the key Student Information System providers to discuss how they are approaching technology transformations, supporting growing transfer credit requirements, and solving for the challenges that are facing higher education related to enhancing learning mobility.  Anticipated panelists for this session will include product leadership personnel from Anthology Student, Oracle, and Workday.

Joellen Shendy

Wednesday Plenary Presentation

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears: Getting Learning Right! 

'Awww, just right', said Goldilocks after trying out the others. There is a sense of ease and peace which comes from getting learning right. It's not just about one thing but about everything. It's more than access and credit, affordability, and cost, who and what, mobility and ROI, online or hybrid, transfers and natives, students, and learners. It's learning anywhere, anytime, for everyone, for which the planning was yesterday and today it's about the doing. Tomorrow, we measure, 'did we get it right?'

Thursday Closing Plenary Presentation


Join Dr. Lara Couturier and Dr. Zachary A. Pardos for a keynote chat. This session will start by making the case for why learning mobility is critical for serving learners in the 21st Century, and then shift to a "fireside chat" between Lara and Zachary about whether and how AI can help postsecondary practitioners and leaders address some of the challenges to adopting and implementing a learning mobility agenda.