Implementing a Noncognitive Assessment - Part 1 of 2

James Miller |
July 8, 2020
  • Admissions and Recruitment
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Testing
  • Student Success

Implementing a Noncognitive Assessment - Part 1 of 2

Our host, James Miller, is back and exploring the controversially titled "Noncognitive Assessment" with its creator Dr. William "Bill" Sedlacek. By using these non-traditional measures that have typically not been used to assess human abilities, particularly to predict success in higher education, admissions offices move away from solely defining "best students" by known scales such as gpa, test scores, leadership, involvement, and accomplishments and instead measure more deeply who the people are.

A List of Non-Cognitive Assessment Instruments
Community College Research Center

Racism in American Education: A Model for Change
by Glenwood C. Sedlacek, William E.; Brooks

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