AACRAO Joins the Credential Futures Coalition as a Founding Member

July 27, 2022
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Contact: Corinne MacIntire

AACRAO Joins the Credential Futures Coalition as a Founding Member
In support of the advancement of the Comprehensive Learner Record

AACRAO is proud to join 1EdTech, CBEN, and UPCEA as founding members of the Credential Futures Coalition (CFC). This move continues AACRAO’s efforts to better ensure that alternative learning opportunities are more consistently regarded and valued by learners, consumers, and society.

The CFC is a network of mission-driven organizations focused on learner-worker mobility who connect and collaborate on important programs and projects with other leaders in CLR/LER. Representatives from 16 non-profit organizations gathered at the 2022 Learning Impact conference last month in Nashville, TN to discuss the latest strategies and solutions to advance the future of education.

As AACRAO pursues renewed efforts to advance the Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR), and its next generation Learner Employment Record (LER), we are pleased to be able to co-lead the conversation among the larger higher education community. Throughout these discussions, we are committed to ensuring that the registrar remains a key stakeholder in efforts to improve the recognition of learning. 

Every year at the Learning Impact Conference, 1EdTech members who have gone above and beyond displaying leadership are honored. This year, Mark McConahay, who recently retired from his role as associate vice provost and registrar after 39 years at Indiana University, and who now serves as an AACRAO Consultant, was one of the 2022 Leadership Award recipients for his extraordinary contributions to enabling the future of CLR. 

The efforts of the CFC are centrally tied to AACRAO's long standing effort to support the advancement of CLR/LER by putting forth recommendations of academic record practices that protect the integrity and validity of these expressions of learner achievement, supporting the principles of interoperability and student-centered records.

To learn more about AACRAO’s Signature Initiative to advance the conversation surrounding CLRs, visit www.aacrao.org/records.