Mark McConahay

Photo of Mark McConahay.

Mark has worked for Indiana University and the Office of the Registrar his entire career. In fact, he came to IU in 1976 as an undergraduate student and never left. He joined the office in 1982 as an Analyst/Programmer, served as the Associate Registrar of Systems for many years before becoming the Associate Vice Provost and Registrar. Mark’s history at IU includes leading the implementation of student records component within an ERP, the implementation electronic (PDF) transcripts, automated workflow for drop/add and grade changes, the Grade Context Record, The Automated Course Exchange, Touchtone Registration, Degree Audit, and others. The Automated Course Exchange (1995-96) and the Grade Context Record (1998-99) projects each received awards from EDUCAUSE and CUMREC. 

Mark has been active in several professional associations besides AACRAO, including serving on the program committee at EDUCAUSE, as President and Chair of CUMREC, a member of the Internet2 InCommon Student Services Group and as Program Chair of InCommon’s CAMP on Student Identity Life Cycle. Mark has written a book chapter, several articles (College & University, Cause/Effect and the CUMREC Newsletter) and frequently presented at the AACRAO Annual, the AACRAO Technology Conference, EDUCAUSE, Internet2 and Indiana ACRAO. Mark has also presented for several AACRAO webinars and workshops. He has also done considerable work on Identity Management, MOOCs, GDPR, CLR(ILR), ERPs and other business areas on behalf of AACRAO. 

Mark served as the program director for the AACRAO Technology (now the Technology and Transfer) conference from 2009 to 2016. During his time as program director, the conference experimented with new professional development offerings to include the Registrar Forum and dedicated tracks for new technical directions (e.g., Comprehensive Learner Record, What is the Future of ERPs). Mark even filled in as a plenary speaker when the scheduled speaker belatedly could not attend. During his tenure, the Technology conference formed a successful partnership with the Transfer conference. Mark also served on the AACRAO Board of Directors from 2017 to 2020 as the Vice President for Information Technology. 

Mark previously received the Thomas A. Bilger Award in 2017 and the Indiana ACRAO Distinguished Service Award in 2019. In almost every talk, presentation and meeting Mark has reminded everyone within earshot that he is referred to as the “Brad Pitt of Registrars” for what Mark says are his obvious similar physical characteristics. Of course, the title is self-asserted, no one but Mark sees the resemblance and only Mark is not tired of hearing the comparison.

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