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2021 Award Winners

Since 1959, AACRAO members have been recognized for their outstanding service through the Awards program. This year, we are proud to honor you, one of thirteen individuals from institutions around the country, for your service to the profession, dedication to higher education, and commitment to our Association.

Nominated by your peers and colleagues, you exhibit the knowledge, skills, and disposition necessary to help the profession thrive. We thank you for your diligent work and commend them for driving the Association forward.

Now, it is time to spread word of your accomplishments. Please follow the instructions below to record and upload your promotional video.

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The AACRAO Awards Team

Record your video

  • Step 1 - Prepare

    While you may use your phone or ipad to create a video, your best video quality will be through the desktop interface as it provides video placement and sound quality prompts.

    Please note that there is a 45 second time limit on the videos. When recording your video, you'll respond to four prompts:

    • Please start by introducing yourself with your Name, Title, Institution, and the award that you won.
    • When and how did you first become involved with AACRAO and what was your first volunteer activity?
    • How did you feel when you found out that you had won an AACRAO award? Do you credit anyone (mentor, etc.) with encouraging you to join and volunteer with AACRAO? If so, then who?
    • What do you see yourself doing with AACRAO over the next couple of years?
    As you complete one prompt, the platform will begin the next one. Click on each of the requests and you will be guided through the process of creating your video.
  • Step 2 - Submit your Recording

    Tips for Recording

    1. Click “start” for step-by-step instructions and an optional tutorial before you record.
    2. Record from a quiet, well-lit location.
    3. Although desktop is preferred, if you’re using a phone, hold it horizontally.
    4. Once your video is complete, click “upload.”

Submit your bio

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