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S5E10 - The Law School Registrar

February 17, 2023
  • Collaborative Decision-Making
  • For the Record
  • Leadership and Management
  • Academic Records
  • cross-collaboartion
  • for the record
  • law school
  • Leadership
Listen Here - S5E10 - The Law School Registrar 

Law Registrars are registrars, it’s right there in their title! But how much do you really know about the differences between the range and scope of responsibilities of a Law Registrar as compared to a University Registrar. In this episode, we talk to three individuals about their experiences working in a Law Registrar’s Office, identify and discuss the key challenges and “extra” administrative responsibilities, and highlight the skills and knowledge one needs to be successful as a Law Registrar.

Key Takeaways:
  • Law Schools have to adhere to a different set of standards and practices than other parts of an institution as required by the American Bar Association (ABA). Some of these require additional administrative oversight provided by the Law Registrar, like extended exam schedules, anonymous grading, verifying grade distributions, and calculating class rank, among others.
  • The National Network of Law Officers (NNLSO) is a great way to connect with other individuals who work at law schools (including registrars!). NNLSO hosts a breakfast for members at every AACRAO Annual Meeting and sponsors sessions throughout that conference specifically aimed at Law Registrars’ interests. 
  • Law Registrars rely on their campus counterparts for a lot. Keeping your Law Registrar in mind (if your institution has a law school, obviously), communicating and collaborating with them can make everyone’s lives easier. Reach out, make a connection, and build a strong working relationship. 
Sarah Reed, University Registrar
University of California - Berkeley


Doug McKenna, University Registrar
George Mason University


Amy Chu
Senior Director, Academic Services & Registration
New York University School of Law
(212) 998-6020
Jerri Cunningham
Director of Academic Services & Registrar
Baylor University
Lisa Erck
Associate University Registrar & Law School Registrar
University of the Pacific - Sacramento
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