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Hosted by Doug McKenna
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S3E11: Campus Partners: The Office of Financial Aid

Doug McKenna |
February 12, 2021

Campus Partners: The Office of Financial Aid

Financial Aid is a critical student service office that relies heavily on the student data stewarded by the Registrar’s Office. Many of the things we do in the registrar’s office affect the work of financial aid counselors. Understanding what the flow of the financial aid cycle is, and how the work of the registrar fits into it, can make a big difference for operational efficiencies. In this episode we visit with a director of a financial aid office to talk about some of the ways these two critical offices can work together.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Office of Financial Aid is a critical campus partner and it is essential that registrars establish and maintain strong working relationships with their Financial Aid counterparts.
  • Financial aid is a highly regulated enterprise (as you might imagine) and understanding what is possible versus what is not allowed can help registrars be better advocates for specific kinds of policies or practices on campus.
  • Financial Aid operates on an academic year cycle, which may differ from a registrar’s approach of term-based processes.

Daniel Barkowitz (pronouns: “he / him / his”)
Assistant Vice President, Financial Aid and Veterans’ Affairs
Valencia College

References and Additional Information:
Federal Student Aid Handbook
National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

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