S4E2: Making the Most of Mentoring

Doug McKenna |
June 9, 2021
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Making the Most of Mentoring

With a significant number of registrars eligible to retire within the next ten years, mentoring the next generation of higher education registrars and admissions officers is critical. Adrienne Bricker and Jennifer Love join us to discuss the work of the AACRAO Mentorship Working Group, and to talk about their research and experiences with mentoring.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mentoring is traditionally understood as a more senior person helping a more junior person with their career, think “taking someone under their wing.” These can be formal or informal arrangements.
  • There’s an AACRAO working group examining whether and how to implement a formal mentoring program for the AACRAO membership; the report from the group is targeted by the next Annual Meeting in Portland, OR in 2022.
  • Mentoring relationships work best when expectations are clear for each side.
  • There are many ways to mentor: career advice, support and encouragement, sounding board for psychosocial development, etc.

Adrienne Bricker
University Registrar
Ohio State University

Jennifer Love
Director, Texas One Stop for Enrollment Services
University of Texas - Austin

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