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Season 3

A Commentary on the State of Affairs in the United States of America | 01/11/2021

Let's talk about the implications of the Jan 6, 2021 attack on US democracy, how it affects our institutions, and encourages people of good will to be active and engaged in their response.

  • Doug McKenna
  • Comprehensive Learner Record -CLR- Data Standards | 01/11/2021

    Since 2015, AACRAO has been leading the charge in the development of a Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR). In this episode we’ll talk with Tom Green and Mark McConahay about the history of the project, the various stages of development, where we are today, and what’s next.

  • Doug McKenna
  • Registrar as Superhero | 11/25/2020

    Sometimes registrars find it difficult to explain to people who don’t work in a registrar’s office what exactly a registrar does. And sometimes a video comes along that not only explains it but does so in an hilarious way.

  • Doug McKenna
  • Season 2

    Emergency Management and You | 02/27/2020

    "On a day to day basis I may not see how dependent I am on the Registrar to do my job...almost every emergency impacts the registrar in some capacity."

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    Season 1

    Episode 09 - User Acceptance Testing (UAT) | 07/26/2019

    "There are a lot of different ways to conduct UAT, probably as many ways as there are different types of institutions. The only wrong way is to not do it."

  • Doug McKenna