What is your gift? Introducing the Identifying Caucus Excellence Initiative

September 21, 2020
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woman standing against blackboard with facts and figures written on it to illustrate genius

We know that our members have knowledge, talents, and gifts to share. The AACRAO Caucuses are always looking for new ways to find those members and highlight them and their work. We want to broaden and increase the number of contributors and content for all of the AACRAO platforms. At the same time, we want to diversify the voices and the expertise shared. 

From this kernel was born the Identifying Caucus Excellence Initiative

“We want to broaden the prism of our general memberships’ lived experiences.” says Cassandra Moore, Director of Enrollment Development & Admissions at Anne Arundel Community College and Vice President for Access and Equity on the AACRAO Board of Directors. “Caucus members are providing leadership and guidance and conducting the work to improve engagement, entry, progression and completion of students and the work life of their colleagues. Their insight is invaluable.” 

AACRAO has articulated a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion and social justice, and this initiative is another way for us to identify those who have knowledge and  talent and invite them to contribute in ways that will both help them to individually to advance and collectively enrich the perspective of the association. Specifically, the Caucus Excellence Initiative will help AACRAO to identify Caucus members who are subject experts in areas that are connected to the AACRAO Competencies and Proficiencies, and engage them in the production of relevant content across AACRAO platforms for AACRAO members. By reaching into our caucuses specifically to find expertise, we also help to bring a more diverse set of professionals to leadership by highlighting their talents. 

Interested?  What is your gift? 

Ready to share but not yet part of a caucus? Join now. Caucuses are open to anyone supporting their causes.


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