AACRAO Book Club: Have you read anything great lately?

December 14, 2020
  • Collaborative Decision-Making
  • Professional Well-Being
illustration of four sets of hands on table pointing to two open books. table also has pencils, coffee, and a cookie on it.



AACRAO’s Book Club commenced last October, and it's been an education in the best possible sense.  Over the last 14 months, the AACRAO Caucuses led the effort, with the chairs choosing the reading material and hosting the discussion at the end of the month.


Why book club?

  • The book club gives you permission to read for fun.
  • The discussion offers engaging and thought-provoking conversation.
  • You get to connect with people with whom you have a lot in common. 
  • Reading outside your habitual genres/topics will widen your perspective and contribute to lifelong learning.

What reading material do you suggest?

Book club can include novels of any style or genre (nonfiction, fiction, graphic, sci-fi, history, and beyond); short stories; essays; or whatever reading materials you'd like to share. 


Submit your suggestions on our website. If your selection is chosen, we'll help you with the logistics and technical aspects.



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