Taking a pledge for education

April 2, 2019
  • AACRAO Annual Meeting
  • Displaced & Vulnerable Students
  • International Education
  • A26BP
several figures sit around a large white table while two figures stand at the front of the room After years of research, on the ground studies in war torn countries, and extensive partner work, AACRAO released its Inclusive Admissions Policies for Displaced and Vulnerable Students Report today at the AACRAO Annual Meeting in Los Angeles on International Day.

Everyone has a right to education
"The U.S. HEI community has been hit with legislative and policy barriers like Presidential Proclamation 9645 (otherwise known as the 'travel ban'), making it difficult to issue student visas or to relax admissions requirements for those fleeing conflict and persecution."

Written by professionals representing the Academy, the Scholar, the Student, and the Institution, the report explores the situation at hand and provides guidance for those looking to create and/or improve educational pathways for those in need.

Taking Action
Situations such as these require action in addition to statements and recommendations. The release of this report marks the beginning of what AACRAO hopes to become a movement. Those in the international education community are in a unique position to marshal the policies, practices, and resources needed to open the doors to higher education displaced and vulnerable persons. This is an opportunity for the community to pledge its commitment to providing these pathways and sharing its stories.

Visit www.aacrao.org/PledgeforEducation to read the report and take action.


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