TAICEP Honors Leaders in International Credential Evaluation

December 8, 2023
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On December 1, 2023, the Association of International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP) held its fourth annual Hall of Acclaim with the induction. The Hall of Acclaim honors the lifetime achievement of international credential evaluators who have made a significant impact on our field, in the form of presentations, publications, collaboration, management, and service.

Each of the inductees were honored for their sharing of knowledge, mentorship, and guidance in advancing the field of international credential evaluation. The 2023 inductees include Dr. William Paver, Dale Gough, Dr. Gayane Harutyunyan, Jeanie Bell, James Haas, Kathleen Freeman, and Robert Watkins. They were introduced by colleagues highlighting their noteworthy accomplishments and impact. 

Several of the Inductees have made important and lasting contributions to AACRAO.

Meet the Inductees

  • Dale Gough is currently the director of Foreign Credentials Services of America. He began his career in international education services at the University of Maryland, College Park. In the early 90s, Dale founded AACRAO's International Education Services. During that time he and his staff completed thousands of evaluations for AACRAO members and individuals for further education, licensure, employment, and immigration. Dale also AACRAO and NAFSA publications, as well as prepared and delivered countless presentations, trainings, and workshops. Dale continues to be an important figure in the shaping of international credential evaluation in the United States. He began that work with service on the National Credentials Evaluation Project of the National Liaison Committee and AACRAO’s International Education Standards Council. Perhaps his most enduring contribution to AACRAO is the mentorship he provided to numerous colleagues over the years.
  • William J. (Bill) Paver has been an engaged leader within AACRAO throughout his career. Like his colleague and friend Dale, he has been a fixture at AACRAO's Annual Meetings, engaging with both veteran and rising professionals in the field. He has led insightful sessions and shared updates on major projects impacting international credential evaluators. His thought leadership and service on the board, and in many other roles, provided steady navigation to challenges in the profession and influenced many throughout AACRAO.

    For many, Bill’s most well-known contribution is in the development of the Electronic Database for Global Education along with the support of the Paver Family Foundation. EDGE is a valuable resource for AACRAO and its subscribers who count on the information and regular user group webinars. members, Dr. Paver has provided invaluable service and leadership to the organization.
  • Robert Watkins is another inductee who is a longtime member of the AACRAO family. Name an AACRAO international event or offering and Robert has likely been involved at one time or another. He has presented, chaired, authored, led, and mentored graciously and happily. He began working in international admissions four decades ago at the University of Texas at Austin. Since then he has shared his knowledge and experience as original faculty at the Winter Institute and the evolved International Institute. He has chaired committees, served on the International Education Standards Council, and served as a mentor to IESC fellows. He is a former AACRAO Vice President for International Education and recipient of the 2015 Award for Excellence in International Education.  Those who have spent time with Robert know he always has something to contribute from his vast trove of trivia.
  • James (Jim) Haas is an AACRAO international pioneer. As a self-taught evaluator in the early days of the profession, he worked at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. From there, he moved east to the University of Indiana in 1965 to head up the foreign credential evaluation for the university system. Today, Indiana holds onto the legacy of Mr. Haas in the curation of the information he gathered and recorded. Jim willingly worked with all those interested in learning how to evaluate credentials to serve students. He penned  Guides for NAFSA and served on multiple boards. Haas edited AACRAO’s seminal Foreign Educational Credentials Required for Consideration of Admissions to Universities and Colleges in the United States, 2nd edition.
  • Kathleen (Kate) Freeman has 30 years of experience in international education with more than 20 years in international admissions and credential evaluation. Kate is a charter member of TAICEP and served in leadership roles with the association. She wrote publications on the education systems of Morocco and France and penned many of the initial country entries for AACRAO EDGE. Kate has presented at many AACRAO and NAFSA conferences and continues to present and mentor with TAICEP.
  • Dr. Gayane Harutyunyan is the Director General of Armenia's national European ENIC/NARIC (European and National Academic Recognition Information Centers) center and is heavily involved with the Bologna Process and Lisbon Recognition Convention (agreements between European countries aimed at making qualifications more comparable and portable across borders). As with the other inductees she has authored numerous publications and presented at many international events related to recognition issues and the Bologna process.
  • Jeanie Bell contributed through roles at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the University of Colorado Denver, and the University of Colorado Boulder. Jeanie is a natural teacher and leader as evidenced by her leadership roles in NAFSA, AACRAO, EAIE, and TAICEP. As a charter member of TAICEP, she was one of its first presidents as it evolved and restructured. Upon meeting Jeanie you will instantly know her warmth and look forward to learning from her.  

Each of the inductees were honored for their sharing of knowledge, mentorship, and guidance in advancing the field of international credential evaluation. We want to congratulate and thank them for the lasting contributions they have made, both to our profession and to AACRAO. Well done.


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