Survey: Getting back on track after job loss

August 26, 2019
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male in disheveled suit sits on a step with his head hung low

“Spending more time with family,” “resigned,” “going in a different direction,” “seeking new opportunities” -- however it’s framed, losing one’s job can be the worst experience in a person’s professional career.

“On track” one day, and derailed the next. Anecdotally, some people never fully recover. For others, it is a blessing in disguise. However, no one has researched how academic administrators experience and navigate job loss. Until now.

Jeff Strietzel (Baylor University, TX) is conducting a doctoral dissertation study exploring how academic leaders manage and get back on track after an unwelcome job departure -- "Failure, Vulnerability, and Grit: An Interpretivist Study of Senior Academic Leaders Who Derailed."

Has this happened to you? Would you consider participating in this confidential study? Learn more here:  

Data collection will continue through the end of September.  Jeff can be reached directly at


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