Student and transfer-institution Bill of Rights released

July 9, 2018
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Attendees at the 2018 Technology and Transfer Conference have been provided with copies of the “Transfer Student Bill of Rights” and the new “Transfer-Institution Bill of Rights and Responsibilities,” a complimentary publication designed to provide Institutions with responsibilities and rights when dealing with transfer.

The Transfer Student Bill of Rights, released in October 2017, is a list of 12 ethically-responsible rights that transfer students should be afforded by an institution. The Transfer-Institution Bill of Rights and Responsibilities includes 11 rights and six responsibilities institutions have. These include, among others, the right to require official transcripts for admission, to  offer a unique intake process for transfer students, and to apply transfer and prior learning credit as defined by policy, to align policies with their institutions mission and accreditation requirements, to update and publish their transfer credit policies, and to be transparent and open with students.

Both documents are intended to post in transfer centers or admissions offices, and to guide future decision-making. They can be found on the AACRAO Transfer Initiatives page


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