Streamlining Academic Pathway Selection

June 10, 2022
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Illustrated representation of students selecting an academic path.

We had the chance to discuss the upcoming 2022 AACRAO Technology & Transfer Summit session "Leveraging Technology and Coaching to Streamline Academic Pathway Selection Across Two-Year and Four-Year Transfer Partnerships" with presenter Rita Snyder Furr of George Mason University.

Currently, Ms. Furr serves as Assistant Director of ADVANCE Operations (the case study referenced in her session). Speaking on her direct role regarding the content of her session, Ms. Furr said:

I formulate and implement the operational design of the ADVANCE Program, a large-scale transfer partnership between Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University. One aspect of my role is to streamline and find more efficient ways to leverage technology to support holistic student and enrollment services across two institutions and five student information platforms. In my session, I will discuss in further detail our approach to helping students select, manage, and transition into their chosen academic pathway at the time of admission into the program at the two-year and at the time of transfer into the four-year, with special attention given to how we use technology to monitor and reconcile pathway selection, changes, and continuity of catalog year to ensure advising accuracy and the maximizing of transfer credit.

Additionally, Ms. Furr discusses creating and sustaining transfer partnerships between two and four-year institutions with aligned academic pathways to propel transfer student success outcomes and bachelor’s degree attainment. When discussing her goals for the session, Ms. Furr said:

I hope to foster greater dialogue on how institutions can use technology and coaching resources more creatively and intentionally across two-year and four-year institutional contexts to improve retention and close completion gaps. The purpose is to share how a large-scale transfer program currently helps students clarify their educational goals, select academic pathways, and ensure that their alignment of program selections maximizes course affordability and transferability. Overall, I hope that the session provides practical insights for institutions implementing similar tools and advising resources across transfer partnerships and how even small enhancements can be big wins for transfer student success.

Attendees to the session will learn the challenges, opportunities, best practices, tools, and implementation steps necessary to bring this type of project to fruition. Furthermore, attendees will see the student success outcomes resulting from this partnership. Speaking on her expectations for the Summit and her role as a presenter, Ms. Furr commented:

    I look forward to participating in AACRAO’s Technology & Transfer Summit as a presenter, but especially as a learner. I am eager for the opportunity to learn more from other professionals regarding innovation and best practices to enhance how we leverage technology as a solution to transform the transfer student experience and bolster their academic success.

    Interested in attending? Register before June 17 to take advantage of the "early-bird" discount for the 2022 AACRAO Technology & Transfer Summit.


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