Spotlight on SEM: Student Success and Retention

October 30, 2014
  • AACRAO Connect

AACRAO Spotlight interviews are published twice weekly before major professional development meetings. They feature our conversations with industry experts, highlighting key issues and promoting sessions and workshops at the upcoming conference.  

All members attending AACRAO’s Strategic Enrollment Management Conference in Los Angeles, CA will learn how to support their students, keep them enrolled and achieve student success through graduation.  

In this issue of Connect, we talked wtih presenters on student swirl, the White House College Pipeline Summit, breaking down campus silos and innovative SEM solutions at community college campuses.

SEM and the Transfer Student: Enabling Student Swirl

Student enrollment patterns are more complex than ever, as students "swirl" among their various educational options. As presented in a recently released seminal work, The Handbook of Strategic Enrollment Management, this workshop will provide an overview of nationwide data regarding transfer student enrollment pattern, discuss strategies for supporting students before and after transfer, and innovative partnerships between two- and four-year institutions. Participants will be asked to actively participate and share their own experiences throughout this interactive session.

Read our interview with Alicia Moore here.

Increasing Opportunity and Success: A Nimble and Nuanced Response to the White House College Pipeline Summit

Last fall, a tactics team was created at the University of Tennessee to address an enrollment shortfall crises of under 500 students. The cross-functional group was responsible for getting total enrollment rates back on course. The team was approached by the Chancellor with the opportunity to participate in the White House College Pipeline Summit that November. In one week, the team put together a proposal that included four initiatives. This proposal was presented at the summit and then implemented the following summer.

Read our interview with Richard Bayer here.

Breaking Down Campus Silos: A Case Study

You're walking across campus thinking to yourself, "why is it so hard for people to see the big picture here? We have to work together to impact enrollment--not hold onto our own agendas." Sound familiar? 

When Dr. Jacquelyn Elliott started as a new VPEM at a private liberal arts college, she created and chaired a committee comprised of an individual from each and every institutional division on campus.  The committee worked together to break down departmental silos and tackle enrollment issues as a complete campus.

Read our interview with Dr. Jacquelyn D. Elliott here.

Change IS the New Normal

Numerous external forces, unlike any experienced to-date, are driving the need for campuses to enact innovative solutions that ensure student success remains central to the community college mission. Long-term viability of community college education can be assured by directing our focus on strategic enrollment management. This session will examine a multitude of factors that affect current practices as well as provide a framework for evaluating strategies that meet the “new normal” head on.

Read our interview with Dr. Kevin Pollock here.


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