Showcasing AICE and AACRAO collaboration

February 18, 2019
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five people working in a circle on their laptops/tablets with a globe hologram in the middle AACRAO and AICE (Association of International Educators) collaborated for the 2017 and 2018 Symposiums, researching hot topics in international education to establish evaluation standards. The 2017 AICE Minneapolis Symposium focused on graduate admissions. The 2018 AICE Orlando Symposium examined multiple issues surrounding institutional recognition and accreditation in the United States and abroad.

Now, AICE is offering a free webinar overview delving into the issues surrounding three-year degrees and their suitability for graduate admissions in the United States, defining institutional accreditation for international admissions and credential evaluation, and explaining common terms and standards to determine if institutions are recognized.

Register here for this live, free presentation by AICE Endorsed Members Jasmin Saidi Kuehnert, Robert Watkins, and Aleks Morawski. Feb. 21 at noon eastern time.


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