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November 18, 2019
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2019 SEM-Q editorial board pose for a group photo

SEM Quarterly editors recognized the journal’s outgoing editorial board members at the AACRAO 2019 SEM Conference. These volunteers served as SEMQ’s inaugural board beginning in fall 2013, helping shape the strategic direction of the journal. They have also reviewed dozens of submissions, ensuring that articles met the journal’s research standards and were applicable to the field. 

“Without our Editorial Board, we could not provide the high-quality research to higher education that we do today,” said Tom Green, SEMQ Editor-in-Chief. “Quality journals rely upon a double-blind review process, and the Board provides that for us and our authors. Their feedback to authors helps them develop their research and writing skills, and their feedback to us has helped us grow the journal in just seven years into a strong resource for SEM practitioners around the world.”

Outgoing board members: 

Jody Gordon, AACRAO Consulting (2013- 2018)

Don Hossler, Indiana University Bloomington (retired) and University of Southern California (2013-2019)

Luke Schultheis, Fairleigh Dickinson University (2013-2019)

Monique Snowden, Fielding Graduate University (2013-2018)

William Serrata, El Paso Community College (2013- 2019)

Mel Tyler, University of Missouri Kansas City (2013- 2018)

Janet Ward, Seattle Pacific University (retired), AACRAO Consulting (2013-2019) 

Darin Wohlegemuth, Iowa State University (2013- 2016) 

“These board members, who have a wealth of knowledge and practice in SEM, improved the quality of the journal and provided a valuable contribution to the field,” said Managing Editor Heather Zimar. “We are grateful to them for sharing their expertise with SEMQ.” 

SEMQ’s continuing board members are: 

Matthew Andrews, University of Gloucestershire; 

Morgan Blair, Medicine Hat College; 

Robert Hensley Kwanten Polytechnic University (retired); and 

Tara Winters, SUNY Cobleskill. 

At the SEM meeting, SEMQ editors also welcomed new board members who will began their term this November:  

Alison Buckley, Howard Community College 

Chuck Knepfle, Portland State University

Monique Perry, York Technical College

Diane Rusk, University of Wisconsin

Kimberley Taylor Benns, Lincoln University

“We look forward to working with this new group of SEM leaders to continue shaping quality articles on research and best practices in SEM,” Zimar said.   



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