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October 8, 2019
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Diversify your international student population by capitalizing on scholarship opportunities for both international and study abroad students. This ongoing resource will from AACRAO International will highlight opportunities by focusing on particular regions, now featuring Asia.   Click here for previously published resources from the Gulf.  

The majority of countries in Asia do not provide scholarships to students seeking an education outside of those countries. Many more provide scholarships to foreign students seeking an education within those countries, and just as many provide scholarships for their own students wanting to study at a postsecondary institution within their country. As a result, most of the available scholarships for studying abroad are provided by agencies and foundations other than the government. 

Nevertheless, students in Asia looking for scholarships to study abroad can find a list here. And for a list of scholarships available to international students in general, students can look here

Below is information on scholarships in Singapore, as well as links to our previously published Asian countries.

Students interested in or willing to work in the public sector upon graduation can apply for the Singapore Government Scholarship, a full scholarship for students who choose to study outside of Singapore. Several government agencies and ministries offer the Singapore Government Scholarship, so students apply to the one they are most interested in working with once they graduate. The scholarship covers full tuition fees, flight expenses, and other allowances. There are scholarships available for both undergraduate and graduate students 

For information on all scholarships offered and to access the application, students can visit Singapore’s Public Service Commission website. Students can even compare various scholarships on the site and print, email, or export the comparison as an Excel sheet. 

The Ministry of Education also provides a comprehensive list of scholarships-- governmental and non-governmental, local and overseas-- available to students on their website

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