Scholarship opportunities abroad: Iraq

May 28, 2019
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the text "international scholarship opportunities" is visible at the bottom of the frame with an image of a globe connected by intersecting lines above the text Diversify your international student population by capitalizing on scholarship opportunities for both international and study abroad students. This ongoing resource will from AACRAO International will highlight opportunities by focusing on particular regions. First up: The Gulf.  

There are two main scholarship programs in Iraq, both of which are competitive and merit-based: the Human Capacity Development Program (HCDP) and the Iraqi Education Initiative. HCDP began in 2010 by the Kurdistan Regional Government and has an annual budget of 100 million dollars (though this budget is not just for scholarships but also scientific research and trainings). The Iraqi Education Initiative began in 2009 by the Federal Iraqi Government and is run by the Higher Committee of Education Development (HCED). Both focus mostly on master’s and PhD programs, though the Iraqi Education Initiative has funded some students working towards their bachelor’s degrees.

This article from NAFSA explains the differences between the scholarships, and EducationUSA outlines the basics of HCDP. However, it should be noted that as of 2016, HCDP had suspended all funding for scholarships, though it had granted a total of 4,386 scholarships since its start in 2010. HCED had granted a total of 4,251 scholarships by 2016. With funding continuing to be limited, Iraqi scholarships are in a precarious position.


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