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August 27, 2013
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cyrillic alphabetThe Russian Ministry of Education and Science has introduced new pre-printed document formats for higher education credentials. Diplomas for the Russian bachelor, master, and specialist have a new look, and the accompanying œdiploma addendum┬" (transcript) has been redesigned. The new documents were awarded beginning with the 2012 graduating cohort, although it appears that authentic credentials in the previous formats are still being issued, perhaps as higher education institutions use up their supplies of the older documents.

St. Petersburg State University and Moscow State University have been authorized by the Ministry of Education to design their own specialist diploma and diploma addendum formats. The formats are designed by the institutions and are unique to each institution. Both universities issue the new diplomas in both Russian and English, with a bilingual Russian-English diploma addendum in a European-modeled format. At St. Petersburg State University, the first newly-designed specialist diploma and addendum were awarded to 2010 graduates. At Moscow State University, the first newly-designed specialist diploma and addendum were awarded to 2011 graduates.

Russian Higher Education Credential Terminology

╨'╨╕╨┐╨╗╨╛╨╝ ╨▒╨░╨║╨░╨╗╨░╨▓╤╨░ / Diplom bakalavra / Diploma of bachelor
╨'╨╕╨┐╨╗╨╛╨╝ ╨╝╨░╨│╨╕╤ü╤é╤╨░ / Diplom magistra / Diploma of master
╨'╨╕╨┐╨╗╨╛╨╝ with ╨║╨▓╨░╨╗╨╕╤ä╨╕╨║╨░╤å╨╕╤Å / Diplom with kvalifikatsiya / so-called “specialist” diploma with qualification
╨ƒ╤╨╕╨╗╨╛╨╢╨╡╨╜╨╕╨╡ ╨║ ╨┤╨╕╨┐╨╗╨╛╨╝╤â / Prilozhenie k diplomu / Addendum to the diploma (transcript for a bachelor, master or specialist program)
╨É╨║╨░╨┤╨╡╨╝╨╕╤╨╡╤ü╨║╨░╤Å ╤ü╨┐╤╨░╨▓╨║╨░ / akademicheskaya spravka / Academic certificate (transcript for an incomplete bachelor, master or specialist program)
╨'╨╕╨┐╨╗╨╛╨╝ ╨║╨░╨╜╨┤╨╕╨┤╨░╤é╨░ ╨╜╨░╤â╨║ / Diplom kandidata nauk / Diploma of Candidate of Sciences
╨'╨╕╨┐╨╗╨╛╨╝ ╨┤╨╛╨║╤é╨╛╤╨░ ╨╜╨░╤â╨║ / Diplom doktora nauk / Diploma of Doctor of Sciences

Russian Sample Documents for All Levels of Education

Links to official samples of Russian credentials from the Soviet era through today can be found on the Web site of the Ministry’s National Information Centre on Academic Recognition and Mobility (NIC ARM), the Russian ENIC. Credentials are listed in order of their sequence in the Russian educational system, beginning with the Certificate of Basic Education given after 9 years of schooling. Credential names are shown in Russian in Cyrillic alphabet, in transliteration, and in English. Click on the credential name to view the sample document. The Russian ENIC is an official source of information about the Russian educational system. For a treasure trove of useful information on the Russian educational system, click the “English” button on the top right of the Web page, and link to the topics shown in the left side bar.

How Higher Education Documents Are Issued in Russia

Original diploma and addendum:

Higher education credentials are awarded in the form of a diploma, which is encased in a small hardcover booklet. The diploma and diploma addendum are issued in Russian and awarded together at a ceremony that takes place after final state examinations and diploma thesis defense are complete. Only one original diploma and addendum will be issued. All certified copies and documents issued later are considered œduplicates."

Original academic certificate:

The ╨░╨║╨░╨┤╨╡╨╝╨╕╤╨╡╤ü╨║╨░╤Å ╤ü╨┐╤╨░╨▓╨║╨░ / akademicheskaya spravka / academic certificate is issued for students who have not completed a full program of study. It is prepared by the Dean of the Faculty’s office after a student officially withdraws from the institution, based on records kept by the Dean’s office and in the student’s credit booklet. Only one original is issued. All certified copies and documents issued later are considered “duplicates."

Official copies: Students can have copies of the original documents certified or attested by the department of their institution, or by an official notary office in Russia. Copies should be marked “╨║╨╛╨┐╨╕╤Å” / kopiya (copy). Notaries in Russia are legal functionaries who certify true copies of official documents. Copies certified by the institution or by a notary in Russia can be accepted as official copies.

Documents in US œtranscript┬" format: There is no official Russian documentation that is issued in a format similar to a US transcript. If a US institution requires such a document generally the student must prepare it and have it attested by the academic department. Such a document is not official and should be not accepted without the appropriate official documentation.

Documents mailed to US institutions: Students can ask their institutions to seal certified documents in an envelope sealed with the institution's stamp. The student must then mail this envelope to the US institution. Russian institutions do not have the means to send documents abroad unless the student pre-pays for this type of service (i.e. courier).


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