Revamping Your Transfer Visit Program

March 22, 2021
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The AACRAO 2021 Session, Revamping Your Transfer Visit Program, Presented by Associate Registrar for Transfer Articulation at York College Pennsylvania, Katie Shwienteck

We spoke with Katie Shwienteck, Associate Registrar for Transfer Articulation at York College Pennsylvania, about her upcoming AACRAO Annual Meeting session Revamping Your Transfer Visit Program and what some of the highlights would be during that session. 

One key takeaway from our interview was how important it is for institutions to understand and empathize with the perspectives of incoming transfer students. Gaining feedback and actualizing change, based on that feedback, big or small can make a huge difference in the overall experience of incoming transfer students.

Re-Envisioning Transfer

Ms. Shwienteck hopes to help attendees think about what their goals are for Transfer, what areas are working well and could be expanded upon, and identify areas that could be improved or use increased focus.

Another #AACRAO2021 session, Articulation Agreements in Action! How CSM is transforming Articulation Agreements into Customizable Electronic Student Plans, focuses on improving articulation agreements to allow students to see what they need to graduate and to transfer to their desired program/institution utilizing their own academic record.

This work to re-envision transfer is an ongoing process that aims to remove transfer barriers and speed processes that support student decision-making, advising, and more.

Institutional Change at York College

Throughout the session, you’ll see a focus on changes that can be made to institutional visit programs, such as York College’s personalized acknowledgment buttons worn by faculty and staff, that transform the visitor experience from one typically geared towards high-school students, to one that welcomes incoming transfer students.

Understanding the challenges higher education professionals face when implementing change, Ms. Shwienteck recommends obtaining stakeholder support by articulating the value of these changes. With as many as one-third of all incoming students being transfer students, it is more important than ever to take a look at the overall picture when creating Transfer specific programming and messaging.

Attend the Revamping Your Transfer Visit Program Session to learn more about the tactics you can take to revamp or revitalize your existing Transfer Program.

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