On the cutting EDGE

April 4, 2017
  • AACRAO Connect
  • International Admissions and Credential Evaluation
Photo from the audience's perspective of three figures speaking from the front of an event space.

During this interactive and collaborative discussion of where EDGE (Electronic Database for Global Education) is today and how the service will continue to be developed, an intimate group of current users and interested parties had a lively discussion and a lot of fun.

The presenters included Drew Carlisle, LesLee Clauson Eicher and Robert Watkins. Together, the team discussed the intersection of AACRAO EDGE with other trainings and information distributed by AACRAO International, plus the manner in which credential recommendations are derived by the IESC (International Education Standards Council) and the ways that users can contribute to the further development of EDGE.

The Sunday pre-conference workshop focused on identifying results from a user survey plus the panel’s interpretation and plan of action over the next two years resulting from the survey. Challenges to be addressed included adding more sample documents (and highlighting those documents) to give users more of a reference when evaluating an unfamiliar credential, reorganizing some of the content to more naturally align with various use case scenarios, including additional annotated resources, and finding ways to more clearly articulate AACRAO positions and include newly produced white papers and the like within the database.

Generally speaking, the path forward was affirmed to be a positive direction, and participants were excited that some of their biggest desires regarding EDGE already have an established timeline. Participants were also informed that they can personally contribute to the resource, by working with our International Publication Advisory Committee or by contributing to an existing profile with their expertise, subject to a review.

The participants ranged in experience from under two years all the way to more than two decades in the field. This varied group ended the session by breaking into two groups to challenge the other in a battle of credential knowledge, so long as their answers were in the form of a question. It was a light-hearted session that emphasized the value of EDGE within participants’ offices, and confirmed that AACRAO EDGE has continued use for these participants no matter how long they have been working with foreign credentials.


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